Hopping Chirping the grey bird called from the tree I looked around in wonder I scrambled on my knee ran around like a madwoman “just one pretty picture” was my silent plea. But lo! with my every step the bird flew to a higher branch and reaching  the treetop opened its wings and vanished justContinue reading “WORDS ARE BIRDS”


Wildflowers bloom where they are in places where no one dare to be in rocks and crags, in sun or shade in well trod paths, in places nobody sees. They need no care, no pampering except that which nature supplies They’ll plant their roots and they will grow whether they’re met by cheers or sighs.Continue reading “ODE TO WILDFLOWERS (for Poetry Jam)”

ALONE (for Poetry Jam)

  Monsters haunt my days and my dreams They work, unceasing, to bring me down convict me of my weakness that I will lose hope and surrender to the darkness in my soul. I walk through the shadows to face the horrors hankering for my fall. How long should I fight? How soon would IContinue reading “ALONE (for Poetry Jam)”

LOST (for Poetry Jam)

There was a father he loved his children he worked day and night to make their future certain They needed to have wealth so he believed that they would not suffer the poverty of his own childhood. His children asked for toys and treats “there’s no money,” he always complained, “for rainy days, they haveContinue reading “LOST (for Poetry Jam)”


I kissed the Moon good night told her everything I needed to say. Who knows when the night will steal my breath away. Has anyone closed her eyes certain to wake to Dawn waiting and opening presents of the new morn? All the love I have should be given right here right now that thereContinue reading “I KISS THE MOON GOODNIGHT (for Poetry Jam)”


A rose in November bloomed through wind and frost and chill blush of life from earth doomed to fading into winter’s spell. Velvet petals embraced the dawn. A rose in November bloomed dancing on its cane of thorns blessing the air with its perfume- wrapped promise that life entombed will conquer darkness in its wake.Continue reading “NOVEMBER’S ROSE”


Silence surrounds me as a fortress surrounds a castle strong, impenetrable, imposing warding off attacks from all sides silence surrounds me I am safe and alone.   ~~~~~ While I was cleaning up my drawer, I found this draft of a poem that I wrote more than a decade ago when I was single, working,Continue reading “SILENCE”