Sparrow variety

the grey bird called from the tree
I looked around in wonder
I scrambled on my knee
ran around like a madwoman
“just one pretty picture”
was my silent plea.
But lo! with my every step
the bird flew to a higher branch
and reaching  the treetop
opened its wings
and vanished just like that!

Birds are words
and words are birds
what difference is there?
just when I thought I’ve captured them
as suddenly they disappear.

So, ever, I wait
for that blessed time
when they will visit me
and linger for awhile
long enough that I can
put them in a picture or a rhyme.

Gray Sparrow-small

I wrote the piece with Poetry Jam’s prompt in mind – Writing.  See how others interpreted the prompt by going to that page. 🙂  The poem , of course, is inspired by this bird that I chanced upon the other day in our backyard.  I was much interested in it because it was new to me.  I think that this sighting was only the second I had after many years of living where we are.

I will very much appreciate it if you can help me identify the bird.  It has dark beak, longish tail, gray feather with white at the tips.  The photos though do not show the bird’s features very well.   Oh, it is solitary.  I thought that it was a Sparrow variety but a quick internet search refuted that.  I read that grey sparrows have pale beaks.

Thank you very much for coming by. 🙂


Pink Wildflower macro
These are wildflowers growing among between the rock wall in my in-laws’ place. One can only admire their resilience and simple beauty.

Wildflowers bloom where they are
in places where no one dare to be
in rocks and crags, in sun or shade
in well trod paths, in places nobody sees.

They need no care, no pampering
except that which nature supplies
They’ll plant their roots and they will grow
whether they’re met by cheers or sighs.

They dance with the fickle wind
They paint the meadows bright
All this grace and beauty pass
unnoticed by indifferent eyes.


POETRY JAM wants us to write about something ordinary.

ALONE (for Poetry Jam)



Monsters haunt my days and my dreams
They work, unceasing, to bring me down
convict me of my weakness
that I will lose hope and surrender
to the darkness in my soul.
I walk through the shadows
to face the horrors
hankering for my fall.
How long should I fight?
How soon would I yield?
Love gives me courage,
Alone I fight my battles
I am the decisions I made.


For Poetry Jam’s prompt – Alone.

LOST (for Poetry Jam)

Duck on the Move

There was a father
he loved his children
he worked day and night
to make their future certain
They needed to have wealth
so he believed
that they would not suffer the poverty
of his own childhood.

His children asked for toys and treats
“there’s no money,” he always complained,
“for rainy days, they have been saved.”
There was no time together
no movies, no restaurants
family time was nothing
but silly maudlin wants.

The children asked for his affection
he could not spare a hug
such a display of weakness
was not a father’s job.
Tenderness had no use
but to spoil a child
so he spared the carrots
and doled out the rod.

He would give them education
a roof over their head
a successful (rich) future
they would have what they need
that was enough
so he believed.

There is a father
living in a big house, all alone
Now he has the means
and he has the time
to satisfy the desires of his children.
the sons and daughters are now all gone
raising children of their own
making sure the latter have the life
they have never known.

Father and children
what bonds hold them
apart from duty and blood?
Could they look back in time
then find love?





Moon and Clouds

I kissed the Moon good night
told her everything I needed to say.
Who knows when the night
will steal my breath away.
Has anyone closed her eyes
certain to wake to Dawn
waiting and opening
presents of the new morn?
All the love I have
should be given right here right now
that there be no regrets
when tomorrow does or doesn’t come.
End comes like a thief in the night –
that’s all I know.
So I kiss the moon “goodnight”
prepared that while I sleep
my dreams can go.





November Rose

A rose in November bloomed
through wind and frost and chill
blush of life from earth doomed
to fading into winter’s spell.

Velvet petals embraced the dawn.
A rose in November bloomed
dancing on its cane of thorns
blessing the air with its perfume-

wrapped promise that life entombed
will conquer darkness in its wake.
A rose in November bloomed
Hope, through adversity, breaks

to cheer hearts at the bleakest hour.
That while beauty’s shadow looms
courage will never falter.
A rose in November bloomed.


For Poetry Jam’s prompt – What Brings You Comfort? Kindly check the other responses to this prompt by clicking on the link.  Thank you very much and have a great day. 🙂 ❤


Silence surrounds me

as a fortress surrounds a castle

strong, impenetrable, imposing

warding off attacks

from all sides

silence surrounds me

I am safe

and alone.



While I was cleaning up my drawer, I found this draft of a poem that I wrote more than a decade ago when I was single, working, and full of angst.  I guess I liked this so much that I saved the paper on which it was drafted and included it among the documents that I brought with me when I migrated to the States.  Coincidentally, the prompt in POETRY JAM is about Silence, specifically, something that responds to the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. I decided to post the poem and link it up not only for the joy of linking up but to preserve a work from long ago.   And yes, I posted the poem as I have found it. 🙂  These days, I might be writing about silence differently and indeed, I had some ideas but the words just would not come.

Thank you for coming by.  Please visit Poetry Jam and the lovely writers who contributed their work. 🙂 Happy day.  (We’re off to celebrate my husband’s finding his wallet with driver’s license by eating out in a buffet place.  Oh, what a morning!) 🙂