BENEATH THE MOONLIGHT Walk with me beneath the moonlight – We’ll enjoy some moments on our own while the children’s dreams are taking flight – Walk with me beneath the moonlight. We’ll remember when we were alone dreaming of love. In the dark of night walk with me. Beneath the moonlight, we’ll enjoy some momentsContinue reading “BENEATH THE MOONLIGHT”


What if there were two moons orbiting the earth mirroring each other’s motion? Will it be twice the magic of soft moonbeams kissing one’s skin twice the sighs twice the dreams whispered on moonlit nights? I see twice the trouble not so unlike a mother and father always on collission each gravitating for attention swayingContinue reading “WHAT IF THERE WERE TWO MOONS”


    Tap. He jumped into the moonlight. She was no echo of a dream, a gust of wind he couldn’t help imagining. Tap. Tap. He pushed aside the curtain – From the moonlit lawn wind blown hair wave at him. He let out his breath “Come down,” She was signaling – she would sneakContinue reading “MOONLIGHT TRYST ( A Found Poem)”


Sometimes, when the night is bright while I’m drifting   between wakefulness and sleep she’d sidle up to me and fill my head with angst “Woe am I!” she says, “I am but the shadowy child of the Sun and Night.” “I have been cursed to live in the dark and be my full selfContinue reading “UNDER THE SILVERY LIGHT”

MOON IN A JAR (A Quadrille)

  I’ll trap the moon in a jar then shake it around so I can see the moon jump up and down. I’ll keep the jar under my bed scare the monsters away On starless nights the moon in the jar will light my way. ~~~~ A touch of whimsy for Cheri’s Moon prompt andContinue reading “MOON IN A JAR (A Quadrille)”

SPRING MOON (for WPC: Force of Nature)

  TO THE MOON You have as many faces as there are eyes to see your beauty is never spent. Countless songs extolling your grace have been written  and many more will be – The words will never get old Lovers will pledge forever love broken hearts will sigh under your silvery glow as theyContinue reading “SPRING MOON (for WPC: Force of Nature)”


I kissed the Moon good night told her everything I needed to say. Who knows when the night will steal my breath away. Has anyone closed her eyes certain to wake to Dawn waiting and opening presents of the new morn? All the love I have should be given right here right now that thereContinue reading “I KISS THE MOON GOODNIGHT (for Poetry Jam)”


The theme this week made me think of darkness broken by light. So my first impulse was to have pictures of things that brighten the night. I almost forgot that the sun is the greatest of all the lights. we’ll be in unbroken darkness without it. So, I included two daylight pictures showing sunlit images.Continue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: ILLUMINATION”


Inky black cold blankets the white snowy ground howling wind protests – Where’s the moon quiet behind the clouds as shadows roll by. The fire glowed warm bodies licked the cold behind closed doors. __________________ The form that DVerse Poets’ Pub features today is La Lune.   It is inspired by the haiku and has eitherContinue reading “A WINTRY NIGHT”