A caterpillar in its cocoon, so are we in our bodies biding the moment to be a butterfly, free among the flowers silent majesty tender voice of high summer flying into fall an empty cocoon you flew like a butterfly never to return Written for DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Meeting the Bar: Haiku Sequence Prompt EspeciallyContinue reading “BUTTERFLY”


Your heartbeat changed the rhythm of my world the moment it echoed inside my womb. No other music could be more treasured after the sweetness of the Eternal Word. Like an enchantment dispelling all gloom, your heartbeat changed the rhythm of my world. What joys, what dreams your little heart unfurled in my own, swellingContinue reading “TO MY CHILDREN”


I have sung all the lullabies I know. I have told and re-told his favorite stories. My voice is tired, my eyelids droop, and still, my toddler wiggles and squiggles in my arms. He would not sleep. I pray a silent prayer, he pokes my lips driving his little finger against my teeth. My disapprovingContinue reading “A LULLABY NIGHT”


Better than brownies are muffins with cranberries and chocolate chips there is more flour than sugar and flavor and hue in the tasty bits. I need no plate with a muffin The paper liner catches my crumbs which, when the big muffin is eaten, into my mouth are dumped! Though I risk the wrath ofContinue reading “ON THE MERITS OF MUFFINS”


Last week’s challenge, Beloved,   brought to my mind my  husband and children.  The photo above shows my youngest playing with his toy colander.  He loves cooking.  Each morning, he would dutifully take out the skillet, cooking oil, and spatula from their respective storage places and put them in my cooking area.  He would help scrambleContinue reading “BELOVED (for WPC)”


Sail away, little paper boat to the world of possibilities where existence beholds its dreams. Bring back tidings of what you see. For little feet which can’t yet go far Sail away, little paper boat Let the winds of wide-eyed wonder and innocence keep your sails afloat Puddles glisten on sodden ground beg children launchContinue reading “PAPER BOAT”


He made a thoughtful list of gifts he wanted to get at Christmas He checked the list once, then some more. His folks would pick his choice for sure. He wanted to get at Christmas things his young heart truly desired – toys and things that will bring him joy. His eyes shone bright withContinue reading “A BOY AND HIS PRESENTS”


No one could have been happier than me last Sunday afternoon when we went to a park for our family’s usual Sunday walk.  I spied a rather big pond while we were looking for a parking slot.  As soon as I could, I begged my leave to go to the pond (with my toddler inContinue reading “A SWAN LAKE IN AUTUMN”


It was a time of great expectations. I thought summer would be the time when I would finally be able to compile the poems I have written through five years of blogging and group them into themes. I was curious to know if even a half-decent chapbook would come out of my efforts. Alas! OtherContinue reading “WANING SUMMER”


The song of summer rises With the waves rolling by Ascending and descending As seagulls flying high The wind whistles the tune Floating from sea to shore And lays it down gently At a sandcastle’s door Staccato laughter skip In the electric air Playing the symphony Of a day, blessed and fair. Frank challenges theContinue reading “SUMMER SONG”