Narcissus, hyacinthsnowdrops, tulips -above the dirttheir little heads poke Not to be outdonethe dandelions sproutsure of themselvesthey know their worth.They fill the fieldscarefree, unabashedas bright as sunshinestretch the golden flood – a feast for the beesfood for the hungryrelief for the achypetals to dye forintoxicating liquorbane of the lawnmowera harbinger of wishesa torrent of sneezesaContinue reading “LITTLE DANDIES”


A lonesome bird sings the evensonghis frantic wings beating towards home.I count my treasures in the darkwhere suggestible senses hold little sway.Moments tumbled through my fingers,flickering shadows danced by candlelight.Would that I could keep only joyful moments;somehow laughter and tears look alike in the lens of time.Could a rose be parted from her thorns andContinue reading “AUTUMNAL”


I walk barefoot on the grass my homage to summer creature meets creature in the intimacy of touch I cup my hands around the stars constellations danced My spirit soared, my feet kept step with the night one by one, the fireflies’ light burnt out ***** Linking with DVERSE OPEN LINK NIGHT


-i- Dahlias stand upright against Autumn skieslong after the sunflowers have fallen;Flowers have turned to fruits,empty spaces grow in the garden. -ii- Flowered teapots speak of happy days,sit pretty in the cupboardswaiting for the daysteeped in friendship and reminiscence. -iii- Voiceless faces roam the wildernessdrowning in words, seeking truthheavy hearts seek solace in a driftingContinue reading “OCTOBER”