Your heartbeat changed the rhythm of my world the moment it echoed inside my womb. No other music could be more treasured after the sweetness of the Eternal Word. Like an enchantment dispelling all gloom, your heartbeat changed the rhythm of my world. What joys, what dreams your little heart unfurled in my own, swellingContinue reading “TO MY CHILDREN”


  Like flowers that bloom for a season, We are. Passing through time and space, with souls seeking the transcendent do we leave behind tears or fragrance? We are passing through time and space Partings are our song’s refrain. Do we leave behind tears or fragrance – a single act touches generations. Partings are ourContinue reading “PASSING THROUGH”


Isn’t it romantic to have life in lyrics – everything is larger than it should be Tears continue flowing while the song is sung Forever and ever like looping time Heartbreak never mends in the musical pedestal Sing it! sing it! Again and again Keep the pain as raw as when it began Oh! but,Continue reading “LIFE IN LYRICS”


  I live in the upside down- where going up is going down Cacophony is music and ordered notes a blow to forbearance. The mouth walks the man with swagger impressing the untrained eye. Instinct is blood fueling life follow the happy course but Reason kills the man. Self is king of a windowless roomContinue reading “UPSIDE DOWN”


Slowly it came – a grey hair here a wrinkle there until one day my mirror reflected a stranger. Could it be that a little kindness here a restrained temper there could wrought such change that one day my mirror will reflect a stranger? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For DVerse’s Quadrille # 71  Prompt – Change.


Love comes softly like a leaf in the wind Have you the time to linger and listen to the whisperings of a heart, waking to the beauty it once only imagined? Have you the time to linger and listen In the simplest gestures, love is speaking. To the beauty it once only imagined, the soulContinue reading “LOVE COMES SOFTLY”


~~~~ Once upon a mirror I asked this question – “Do I look beautiful?” Caught off-guard, it replied, “Is this a trap, dear Matron?” Still it obliged, showed a face one with grey head and facial lines “That could not be me!” I said. “How can you possibly lie?” I have plumper lips and rosierContinue reading “WOMAN IN THE MIRROR”


  The mind is the womb where poems die making the soul an eternal lamentation exorcising the scent of death. From the mouth blooms a song, others may call sweet though its underbelly harbors a bitter taste. Hands wave conjuring art, deconstructed some would say “it’s grotesque.” Sooner than soon voices chorus “who’s to judge?”Continue reading “A MEDITATION ON A TRUTH”