Night Washed by Rain, glows in The street lights, Turns A dreary day to A magical moment. Darkness retreats before joy Hope sings to the rhythm of rain Blessed Silence calms the restless dreams When morning comes, my heart is new again. The horizon lights up in golden hues Shadows dissipate into nothing My eyesContinue reading “THANKSGIVING”

WAR ON D (A Quadrille)

Sirens wailed and rushed into the night fear throbbed in the pregnant air expectant breaths waited a drug spewing monster would die tonight in the dark In the zipped silence Heads rolled, but nine times more shoot up Black blood turns those it touched. Victoria hosts DVerse Pub’s Quadrille night and she wants a 44-wordContinue reading “WAR ON D (A Quadrille)”


Sometimes, when the night is bright while I’m drifting   between wakefulness and sleep she’d sidle up to me and fill my head with angst “Woe am I!” she says, “I am but the shadowy child of the Sun and Night.” “I have been cursed to live in the dark and be my full selfContinue reading “UNDER THE SILVERY LIGHT”


I kissed the Moon good night told her everything I needed to say. Who knows when the night will steal my breath away. Has anyone closed her eyes certain to wake to Dawn waiting and opening presents of the new morn? All the love I have should be given right here right now that thereContinue reading “I KISS THE MOON GOODNIGHT (for Poetry Jam)”


Who turned off the lights switched on the gloom that even the breeze sang a mournful tune? Look at the trees – see how they tried to dance like ballerinas gliding in their tutus. Yet,  for all their effort they could only creak oh! those bony limbs – so fragile and weak. Alas! how theContinue reading “LIFE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW”


It was a beautiful night last night.   White clouds and stars adorned the night sky.  It was not so chilly.  I thought that it was a great time to try taking some night photos.  However, by the time I managed to go outside of the house, the clouds have dissipated and perhaps fallen asContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: SILHOUTTE”


First of all, thank you so much for your comments and visits.  They are much appreciated.  I am, however, very sorry that due to my limited internet access and crazy days here, I am not able to respond to everyone.  I will try to get to them when life gets back to normal. Anyway, Ailsa’sContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: (MANILA BY) NIGHT”