Silence surrounds me

as a fortress surrounds a castle

strong, impenetrable, imposing

warding off attacks

from all sides

silence surrounds me

I am safe

and alone.



While I was cleaning up my drawer, I found this draft of a poem that I wrote more than a decade ago when I was single, working, and full of angst.  I guess I liked this so much that I saved the paper on which it was drafted and included it among the documents that I brought with me when I migrated to the States.  Coincidentally, the prompt in POETRY JAM is about Silence, specifically, something that responds to the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. I decided to post the poem and link it up not only for the joy of linking up but to preserve a work from long ago.   And yes, I posted the poem as I have found it. 🙂  These days, I might be writing about silence differently and indeed, I had some ideas but the words just would not come.

Thank you for coming by.  Please visit Poetry Jam and the lovely writers who contributed their work. 🙂 Happy day.  (We’re off to celebrate my husband’s finding his wallet with driver’s license by eating out in a buffet place.  Oh, what a morning!) 🙂



17 thoughts on “SILENCE

  1. I think it is wonderful that you shared something your wrote long ago
    and something that you somehow knew to bring with you to America.

    You show people that what you wrote was you back then, and while you’d
    write something different now, that is okay…and perfect.

    Thank you for sharing…an important lesson for many writers.


    PS…and am happy your husband found his wallet…intact…it so seldom happens.

  2. Silence really can surround a person and CAN ward off attacks. I understand that. There is safety in silence, even though sometime silence is uncomfortable and unwanted. There are two sides of the coin with silence!

  3. I have the opportunity to enjoy silence coz I am always alone, but I find the peace and the beauty too in being alone. Silence with God is precious:)

  4. Silence is so rare. My children are in bed, so you’d think it would be silent. When I listen, I hear my fan, traffic passing by, and cicadas from the open window. Now that I think about it, the cicadas don’t stop for traffic either.

  5. I have felt like this in the past, too. Silence can be a fortress that keeps us safe, but alone.
    This also reminds me of the lyrics from another Simon & Garfunkel song “I am a rock, I am an island. And a rock feel no pain and an island never cries”. You have evoked a lot of emotion in these few lines.

  6. You’ve been a writer all along! I wish to find some of my old stuff stashed down in the basement. It’s fun to see what we did decades ago of a different time and perspective. I hope you no longer feel that silence and solitude in life now, and I’m glad that your hubby found his wallet. 🙂

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