Love casts out fear, it has been said
but I have never been as scared
as when I loved and gave my heart
to love's power and to its art.
To what folly have I been ensnared?

Alone, I fly free, as a bird
leading its wings to paths it dared
fly, with no one to lose or hurt.
Love casts out fear -

in soothing tones, it calls, I learned
and followed where my soul love steered - 
a full life seen from all its parts
as its Maker had planned.  His art,
Love, casts out fear.


Written for PAD Challenge - Day 3 - "_____________ of Love"

An attempt at writing a Rondeau.


My beauty lasts but a short time
and all I have, to you I give -
     My velvet blooms, capture in rhyme
     My beauty lasts but a short time
Before rains make my death knells chime
     I hope I lived my cause to live
My beauty lasts but a short time
and all I have, to you I give.


For dVerse's POetics:  From Nature's Point of View



You covered my hands with beauty
you lifted the hopes of my soul
while we walked down the altar
to pledge myself to my love's call

How nervous our steps were  but
you covered my hands with beauty
concealed the trembling of my bones
that a radiant smile eyes would see

You witnessed new life being built
by two hearts vowing to be one
You covered my hands with beauty 
and thus enhanced their offering

You are now but gossamer skin
in the folds of my gown. To me 
No flower could be more precious-
You covered my hands with beauty.

DVERSE POETS’ Poetics Prompt: One Memento

P.S.  The above flowers are not the flowers referred to here.  They were tulips that we picked out from a grocery store the night before our wedding.  I would have loved to have roses but by then the roses have completely sold out because of Valentine’s Day.


In the blazing heat
 of a Middle eastern sun
 he toils for hours
 away from his family -
 young daughters and wife
 loved from a distance.

Birthdays came and birthdays went
 ten years had gone by
 hugs and kisses were given
 through their Facebook posts
 accompanied by pictures
 with happy faces
 concealing their longing hearts.

Each bear the sadness
 for dreams of a better life -
 good education
 for the girls, now young women
 little luxuries
 providing simple pleasures
 and good memories
 as he can give from afar.

He waits and he works
 his hopes in the desert sands
 to be home at last
 assuaging homesickness
 with virtual presence
 each moment it's possible
 'til no screen is between them.


Thanks to Gayle’s Dverse prompt – The Choka – I am glad to finally break a blogless spell.  Lack of time (to think, writer, and visit blogs) and inspiration kept me away for weeks.  I do not know how often I can post with school resuming and a needy baby  starting to walk, but I hope to keep this page and friendships alive somehow.  Ah, my belated wishes for a happy and wonderful new year to all of you.

The inspiration for this piece is a cousin who now works in Israel and has not visited his family for a long time.  The title, OFW, means Overseas Filipino Worker which the Philippines, due to her economic situation, has plenty of.


Meanwhile, the Choka, according to Gayle, is a Japanese form poetry that tells a story.  It has an indefinite number of lines but the lines alternate between 5 and 7 syllables.  The poem ends with an extra seven syllable line.  For more of Choka, please visit the link above.




Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship
My senses have been stripped
My hands can't feel to grip
My toes too numb to step”

	~ from Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan

	My heart lies in the wasteland
	shattered into pieces
	just like the promises
	my idols used to make
	I laughed at him who would promise the moon
	then I heard you sing, my heart skipped -
	your dream woke my own
  	I  believed in magic again
	I let fall my crutches, your hands I grip - 
	Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship

	bring me to heights I have never been
	in the land of unicorns 
	we live enchantment
	Happiness we'll   sprinkle like stars
 	make believers of cynical hearts
	I am a  schoolgirl whose giddy  lips
 	burn with first love's kiss
	Slake my thirst
	This bliss  could I  keep?
	My senses have been stripped

	dancing by your strings
	Keep singing your song 
	to hold me in your thrall
	I will hold you in a pedestal 
	Your honor  is my own and 
	May  thunder and lightning rip
	him who pricks our bubble
	Yet sometimes I taste the honey-
	coated bile that from your mouth slips
	My hands can't feel to grip

	the scales around my eyes
	 I would rather keep them there
	to maintain my illusions
	than be hurt by  the truth-
	your grandeur was only my hunger
	feeding on itself.  If my world slipped
 	and revealed you for who you are -  
	a piper leading me to  a cliff - 
	Might I have that gift while I soundly slept: 
	My toes too numb to step.

For Meeting the Bar, DVerse Poets’ Pub asks the patrons to write a piece inspired by Bob Dylan to honor his winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. While I know Mr. Dylan, I am not familiar with his body of works except perhaps for Blowing in the Wind. It was widely played during the years of dictatorship in the Philippines and especially during its waning days in ’86. Blowing in the Wind became a pseudo anthem for the Filipinos aching to be free of the tyranny of the Marcos era. Perhaps my cousins played a lot of Mr. Dylan’s song, but I might not have appreciated his genre which tended towards folk-country.

I was a bit disheartened when I read about the Meeting the Bar prompt but I looked up his music in youtube anyway. I still had trouble with the musical flavor (I am sorry for the fans of the genre. I offer as excuse my growing up as a country bumpkin in the more rural villages of the Philippines) so I searched for the lyrics to his songs. What beautiful poetry opened before my eyes. I am most impressed by Mr. Tambourine Man, not only because of its wistful words, but also because I think that the melody is something I can relate to. After listening to the song several times, and reading the words several times, I am convinced that Mr. Tambourine Man is an even better work than Blowing in the Wind.

DVerse Poets' Pub's Meeting the Bar:  Bob Dylan
Daily Post:  Promises

I AM (a Quadrille)

While I was walking this morning, I happened by what I thought was a broken piece of glass (which could have been a tinted eyeglass). I was about to walk by when I noticed that it reflected me. So I took this shot.

I am sunshine
I am rain
I am laughter
I am pain
I am contradiction
walking between heaven and hell.
I am my cross
I am my gift
I am the oppressor
I fight to be free.
I am hard won victory over me.


A self-portrait Quadrille for DVerse


Claudia Schoenfeld – Artist; used with permission in connection with DVerse Poets’ Pub’s Sevenling Prompt. Please click on the photo to visit the site.

A sleepless mother, a crying child
a halting lullaby escaping sealed shut lips
working through the night.

On a hot sultry day,
a videoke blared above the din
of barking dogs and grimy children.

Hope sings.