PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

Do not put me on a pedestal nothing in that little space is real there, all my sins and all my virtues shine bright depending on the viewer’s eyes. It is lonely at the top separated from  humanity’s pulse while longing for a kindred heart to toast victories, to mourn failures. No, do not holdContinue reading “PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)”

SUMMER LOVE (for Magpie Tales and DVerse Poets)

Vaporous skies sultry air velvet petals tinkling water a scenic stage for a romance an illusion a summer’s dance hold tight to inhibitions fever rises to delirium wide open eyes blinded by light conjures butterflies enchanting sight lifting her off her feet skimming clouds languid heat misty shroud summer dipped treacherous fall roses die sensesContinue reading “SUMMER LOVE (for Magpie Tales and DVerse Poets)”

SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)

Look at me. I have come to terms with the mistakes you made. You were young and searching for your meaning. All has been forgiven. There is no sense carrying pain like a millstone around my neck. Look at me. Life has caught up with me. Old age is creeping in my bones and revealContinue reading “SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)”

SORRY IS A PAINFUL WORD (for DVerse Poets and Magpie Tales)

“Sorry” is stuck in my throat. Humility is a bitter pill I take in grumbling silence louder than yells. I skulk in the corner of pride and excuses that make right my wrong and judgmental your right. I teeter on my pedestal absorbed in preventing my fall or falling with grace if that be theContinue reading “SORRY IS A PAINFUL WORD (for DVerse Poets and Magpie Tales)”

GONE TO WORK (for Magpie Tales)

I cease to be when I walk through the door in the uniform that proclaimed my turn as the handmaid of customer’s desires. My body snaked among the hungry crowd to bring offerings to my demi gods lost in their worlds hidden in the sound of tinkling silver and conversation, while I hide in theContinue reading “GONE TO WORK (for Magpie Tales)”

IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)

She’s in an in-between world living an in-between life – between childbirth and empty nest between dirty dishes and clean pressing buttons of the washing machine. There she is in the evening between days, old and new wondering how she got there, or how fast time flew and still got nowhere though she chased eachContinue reading “IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)”


So this is how a dream feels like – a ray of sunshine that filters through my hands, illuminates it for a while with a million stars exploding into dust before my eyes. What a lovely phantasm that brightens the earthbound and elevates the mundane to the Ethereal. Rather than vapors, I wish for dreamsContinue reading “THIS IS HOW A DREAM FEELS LIKE”


    Since I anointed my Lord with nard from the alabaster jar I had been subject to ridicule from the apostles, of all people. How dare I waste such perfume to wash their own Master’s feet when it could have been sold for the poor’s benefit! But, could anything be too precious for Jesus,Continue reading “WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER JAR”