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We steal moments when we can
and hold each other like we used to
and thus stoke the fires
that made us one.

There, in the kitchen where the smell of garlic
coats our skin or in the pantry
where we cannot be seen,
let’s share a kiss and enfold each other
in an embrace that admits no other in.

We will hold forever in that moment
that dishes wait, the meat stews, children play
and then let go knowing that forever
just got richer and longer.




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PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

Image Courtesy of Magpie Tales. It is this week’s prompt for MAG 230. Please click this photo to go to the page. 🙂

Do not put me on a pedestal

nothing in that little space is real

there, all my sins and all my virtues

shine bright depending on the viewer’s eyes.

It is lonely at the top

separated from  humanity’s pulse

while longing for a kindred heart

to toast victories, to mourn failures.

No, do not hold me up high

for others to emulate

then hold me responsible

for their mistakes.

I am no queen nor goddess

I don’t need the scrutiny

I am work in progress

Give me room to be.




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SUMMER LOVE (for Magpie Tales and DVerse Poets)

Sweet Summer Love Poem

Vaporous skies
sultry air
velvet petals
tinkling water
a scenic stage
for a romance
an illusion
a summer’s dance
hold tight
to inhibitions
fever rises
to delirium
wide open eyes
blinded by light
conjures butterflies
enchanting sight
lifting her
off her feet
skimming clouds
languid heat
misty shroud
summer dipped
treacherous fall
roses die
senses reel
tears well
what was real?


For MAGPIE TALES and DVERSE POETS’ PUB  where Marina Sofia wants us to write about what shatters our world and what it takes to make it whole again.  Check out the links for wonderful pieces of writing. 🙂  Thank you for coming by.


SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)

Soliloquy inspired by Not to Be Reproduced by Rene Magritte
Not to Be Reproduced, 1937, Rene Magritte Magpie Tales Mag 224 Prompt

Look at me.
I have come to terms
with the mistakes you made.
You were young and searching
for your meaning. All has been forgiven.
There is no sense carrying pain like a millstone
around my neck.

Look at me.
Life has caught up with me.
Old age is creeping in my bones
and reveal itself in the creases in my skin
and some added weight. There is no glamor
about me. I have no glitzy social life or powerhouse
career. I shovel snow in the winter and pull out weeds
from the garden in summertime. I carry the aroma of
garlic from cooking morning, noon, and evening
to feed my husband and children. I am not
the person you envisioned me to be
but I have never been happier.
I traded the daily rat race
to chase children,
the approval of superiors
for the love of one good man.
I live a life that was beyond my dreams.

Do not be afraid
to look at me.
There is no regret
in what you have become.


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SORRY IS A PAINFUL WORD (for DVerse Poets and Magpie Tales)

MAGPIE TALES’ Mag 222 Image prompt.

“Sorry” is stuck in my throat.
Humility is a bitter pill
I take in grumbling
silence louder than yells.
I skulk in the corner
of pride and excuses
that make right my wrong
and judgmental your right.
I teeter on my pedestal
absorbed in preventing my fall
or falling with grace
if that be the unavoidable case.
But pride is a lonely cell
where I slither out with a smile
willing that things are the same
after all that transpired.
I’ll give you flowers
do you favors
dance on a pinhead if you ask
but “sorry” is stuck in my throat.



I am combining two prompts:  MAGPIE TALES’ above image prompt and DVERSE Poets’ Meeting the Bar:  When Words Fail.  Please check out the lovely places for more poems.  Thank you for coming by. 🙂

GONE TO WORK (for Magpie Tales)

Painting by EDWARD HOPPER, The Restaurant, 1922. Magpie Tales’ Mag 220 Prompt

I cease to be when I walk through the door
in the uniform that proclaimed my turn
as the handmaid of customer’s desires.

My body snaked among the hungry crowd
to bring offerings to my demi gods
lost in their worlds hidden in the sound

of tinkling silver and conversation,
while I hide in the secret spaces of my soul.
Do they see me separate from the role

that blends me with the rhythm of this hall?
The aroma of food rose like incense
appeasing most appetites but the hottest

of passions. While they indulge their senses,
I suppressed my own until the hour
when I can be one with myself again.





IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)

Photo Credit: MARTIN STRANKA This is the prompt for MAGPIE TALES’ Mag 219

She’s in an in-between world
living an in-between life –
between childbirth and empty nest
between dirty dishes and clean
pressing buttons of the washing machine.
There she is in the evening
between days, old and new
wondering how she got there,
or how fast time flew
and still got nowhere
though she chased each second each hour
waiting for the next cascade of tears
or the ringing of laughter.
In her in-between world
there’s no savoring the now
it’s always moving, always turning
toward heaven or hell.


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