I am a sparrow
humble and plain
I do not soar like the eagle
majestic in its wings
nor cast a spell like the thrush
when it opens its beak and sings.

I will disappear
when arrayed with feathered friends
I am just  a patch of earth
when compared  to other birds.

Should I then ask that the condor
only fly below the clouds
or that scarlet cardinal
shed its colorful shroud
That I may have the chance
to better myself and shine
What prize is there to reap
when others’ gifts are denied?

I am a humble creature
I do not reap neither do I sow
Yet I am well taken care of
blessed I am. I am a  sparrow.


For Poetry Jam’s  “Bird’s Eye View” prompt; and, Daily Post’s Earworm Prompt.

34 thoughts on “I AM A SPARROW

      1. The verse

        Matthew 10:29

        New International Version (NIV)

        29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[a]

  1. Even in the least of birds there is a beauty. Even the humble and plain sparrow has its special niche. A very nice poem, which reminds us to take note of ALL birds, not only the most showy of species.

    1. Thanks, Mary. True, everyone is beautiful in his own right and others need not be made to dim their beauty for the simpler ones to shine. 🙂

  2. What a lovely take on the bird’s perspective here. I think we all feel pretty much like sparrows most of our lives. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hi Imelda,  I am just wondering kung puede mo i give address mo sa akin. Hinihingi kasi ng PBO dahik they want send you a thank you card for the gift na nangaling sa yo. Yong prize mo for winning in my Letter to God Contest.  Thanks

    Sendt fra en Samsung Mobil

    1. Hi sherry. I was trying to comment on your poem through iPad but I can’t get through. I’ll try next time on a different computer.

  4. ….a very special poem ate imelda… indeed, we all have our own different gifts to shine for… some are just in denial for they are afraid that what they have might not be good enough for the world to witness… they don’t realize how at the end of the day it’s not about how many they have been able to please but rather how many they have been able to inspire… loved this…smiles…

  5. A thoughtful and thought provoking poem–every creature has its place no higher or lower because of its plumage. I love sparrows 🙂

  6. Self questioning is so human, and that you can see & describe yourself as the common, what’s is overlooked puts everything in an honest balance to sky and earth~ wonderful !

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