BUTTERFLY WINGS (for Travel Theme: Edge)


The sun is mellow in the morning breeze
The tinkle of the piano flavors the breakfast feast
Coffee drips black gold into the pot
It is a glorious day by all accounts
I will sail free on my borrowed wings
soak in the joys that a new day brings.


For Ailsa’s Travel Theme, I am posting this photo showing the edges of a butterfly’s wings.  This beauty was too fast for me to catch her sideways.  Happy weekend to you all. 🙂

TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

Black Swallowtail2

You opened that door, too soon,
and floated like a butterfly
who saw flowers after a long long while.

Come back, grace our table once more.
Let us raise our tequila glass
for what we have become.
We’ll drink deep of the life
behind and before us.
We’ll pucker up at the sour lemon
in our tongue talking about loves
we lost or never had.

We’ll fill our plates
with stories life weaved,
while we bridge the gap
over the years we missed.

Then we will sing, with abandon,
burst our lungs,
while the videoke plays
our youth’s anthem.

We’ll bask in the warmth of friendship,
our shared memories holding close
our separate paths and the promise
of meeting again before long.

But your journey was over too soon.
Now we only see your shadow
luminous in the light of dawn,
waiting at the end of our road.


Anthony Desmond of DVERSE wants us to write Haphazard Poetry for Poetics.  He gave us a list of 12 words to use in our poem.  Shadow, Luminous, Door  immediately jumper at me (along with Glass, Plate, warmth).  I just heard news that a good friend and sorority sister died yesterday.  It’s been more than a decade since we last met.  A few years ago, she got sick with cancer.  Except for that, I have heard nothing more about her condition.  It seemed that she kept silent about her pains and our friends respected that, until yesterday when news of her passing was announced to us through Facebook.  This is what I’ll say to her had I been able to visit her wake.

Thank you for coming by.  Please check out the Pub when you get the chance.



Poor butterfly!
Does it know –
its wings are broken
perhaps, it does not care
it flits from flower to flower
as good and joyful as any other
as long as it flies, gets its nectar
its life work’s done. Maybe, that’s all that matters.




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