Days fold into each other – amorphous monotony beats within walls. I am the hands of a tuneless clock constantly moving in circles. The outside world is as far as an arm stretched out of the window, so within reach, so out of reach isolation crescendoes – the skies are overcast and grey spring flowersContinue reading “ISOLATION”


No star twinkles, no moon beams in the night of the soul. No melody plays in the vacuous halls but those ominous tune that rattles bones. Through a veil, eyes see flowers wilting and leaves falling, falling, falling. All that beauty gone gone to nothing. Nothing. There is nothing except the burden of minutes tickingContinue reading “DESPAIR”


 August comes with a warning – You see it in the leaves turning in the middle of summer Fall’s shadow appears; it is in the flowers dying in the sad news I heard of friends and loved ones leaving Life is changing and August comes with a warning perhaps to prepare our souls for joyContinue reading “AUGUST COMES WITH A WARNING”

IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)

Sunflowers do not grow here. No suncatchers store light for those starless nights. No laughter rings when darkness sets in No smile breaks through a heavy heart inside Despair’s maw. No ears can hear the voices calling the soul out of the wilderness. All is lost all seems lost. Keep on knocking though nobody seemsContinue reading “IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)”


A rose in November bloomed through wind and frost and chill blush of life from earth doomed to fading into winter’s spell. Velvet petals embraced the dawn. A rose in November bloomed dancing on its cane of thorns blessing the air with its perfume- wrapped promise that life entombed will conquer darkness in its wake.Continue reading “NOVEMBER’S ROSE”