Walk with dandelions

Our yard was full of dandelions .

The bees were in paradise –
they buzzed from flower to flower
and  savored  an endless sea of nectar.

My feet adored the sunbeams
shooting from the ground
glowing golden under the setting sun.

Laughter rent the air
while children  puffed on the silken globes
sending  clouds of gossamer
sailing and disappearing into forever.

Innocence and beauty
if capable of being touched
were all over our yard
then they had to be mowed.

They did not belong.

golden dandelions



A garland of cherry blossoms crown her hair
birds serenade her with their lilting air
the scent of hyacinth perfumes her steps
while the wind and the rain bow at her feet
who is she that the stars sigh at her glance
in whose heart wells eternal romance
O Virgin, O Queen, you gave birth to Spring
O Mother, O Blessed, cause of joy everlasting.

PINK TULIP (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink)

pink tulipThe garden is her ballroom
where she dances a dainty minuet
bobbing and turning
in her velveteen skirt.
How the sun beams at her
admiring her grace
while she blushes like a princess
meeting the eyes of her prince.
She shimmered and she danced
until she gave her final bow
in the midnight hour, sweet memories
into my heart she bestowed.



pink tulip 2cees-fun-foto

SPRING MOON (for WPC: Force of Nature)

Spring Moon
Last weekend, while dumping kitchen garbage into our compost bin, I chanced upon the bright moon shining through the budding maple tree. Knowing that I would not have the same view of this full moon until perhaps next year, I grabbed my camera and braved the chill of the night to take some shots. This is the only decent one of the lot.



You have as many faces as there are eyes to see

your beauty is never spent.

Countless songs extolling your grace

have been written  and many more will be –

The words will never get old

Lovers will pledge forever love

broken hearts will sigh

under your silvery glow

as they have through the ages

You are the same

yet ever new

as life is.




(It’s been a long time since I joined the Open Link Night.  I have been mostly discouraged about my writing these days.  It feels like I have used up all the words I know and I could not put them together in a new way.  I am afraid that I am getting too comfortable about my uninspired stupor that I have to force myself this time to write anything.)



SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)

Dandelion boydandelion sprays
children picked for their mother
beyond magical


G Dandelion

I do not know what it is with dandelions, but my children just love them.  They pick up the blooms one by one and when their hands are full, they run screaming and proudly offer to me their bounty. :-)  When that happens, I am always reminded of  this poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay:

Love in the Open Hand

Not in a silver casket cool with pearls
Or rich with red corundum or with blue,
Locked, and the key withheld, as other girls
Have given their loves, I give my love to you;
Not in a lovers’-knot, not in a ring
Worked in such fashion, and the legend plain—
Semper fidelis, where a secret spring
Kennels a drop of mischief for the brain:
Love in the open hand, no thing but that,
Ungemmed, unhidden, wishing not to hurt,
As one should bring you cowslips in a hat
Swung from the hand, or apples in her skirt,
I bring you, calling out as children do:
“Look what I have!—And these are all for you.”

Happy week to all of you. :-)