You covered my hands with beauty
you lifted the hopes of my soul
while we walked down the altar
to pledge myself to my love's call

How nervous our steps were  but
you covered my hands with beauty
concealed the trembling of my bones
that a radiant smile eyes would see

You witnessed new life being built
by two hearts vowing to be one
You covered my hands with beauty 
and thus enhanced their offering

You are now but gossamer skin
in the folds of my gown. To me 
No flower could be more precious-
You covered my hands with beauty.

DVERSE POETS’ Poetics Prompt: One Memento

P.S.  The above flowers are not the flowers referred to here.  They were tulips that we picked out from a grocery store the night before our wedding.  I would have loved to have roses but by then the roses have completely sold out because of Valentine’s Day.



I was told
– everyone has a perfect match
like a pot
with a missing lid
I just had to wait
for my match to be found
years and years I waited
still he did not come

I was told
– be the best you can be
perfect for the one you’re looking for
I did and still
he did not come

I was told
– be patient
– don’t settle
-perhaps you’re too picky

I stopped listening
I learned to be happy
as I am

Then –
when I was not looking
or hoping
he came along –
a single e-mail
turned to long conversations
to mutual discovery
to love and love
to our commitment of a lifetime.



A rose blooms for every soul born
the mother’s heart is a garden
expanding with each seed sown.

Her heart is never divided
into smaller portions, until it becomes
crumbs doled out to begging mouths.

Love is multiplied
and her heart is given whole
to each fruit of her womb.

Here is my baby, my fifth child.  I am so thrilled at the way he grows and learns about his world.  At the same time, somehow, I miss the days when he was but a helpless infant.  The above poem came to me when he was but little.   It should not have been a surprise, but I was still struck by the truth that I love this fifth child as fiercely as I love my first (and every) child.

Daily Post: Baby

Dverse Poets’ Open Link Night 190



Outside my window there are the same roads
there are the same people walking their dogs
There's old Mr. Magazoo taking his morning walk
and stopping by our neighbor's for some small talk

There are the old houses with bolted doors
standing on our street like abandoned forts
lurking unnoticed by cars zipping by
faster than the speed of two minutes per mile

Our place is  mostly quiet at this time of the year
when most everyone seems to disappear
inside thick coats,  behind insulated walls
as chilly  wind blows and heavy snow falls

Yet on Thursday nights the sidewalk sprouts
trash bins so full they are  ready to burst
but for  the old lady pulling  a  kiddie wagon
collecting  redeemable plastic  and soda cans.

Late in the mornings, the mailman comes
by our barking dog, he is announced
delivering store fliers, bills, and junk
and the occasional boxes  from Amazon.

Oh! Spring just cannot come soon enough
to fill the ground with dandelions and buttercups
to make the air groan with the mower's roar
and return the  blossoms back in their bower.

There will be the parade of mothers, their kids in tow
to the not-so-nearby playground, they will go
passing  green-thumbed folks tending their gardens 
to plant some petunia, geranium, and impatiens.

Before then, I wait – watching the melting snow
listening to the engines throbbing as they go
With any (ill) luck, some unusual thing  occurs
such as  screaming breaks and totaled cars. 


Written for:  DVerse Poetics - Suburb Poetry



I will open the day like a present

waiting under the Tree on Christmas morn

and with eager heart behold each moment

I will open the day like a present

impressed with the giver’s thought and good intent

Though routine would soon have its magic shorn

I will open the day like a present

waiting under the Tree on Christmas morn.


My day would have gone on in its ordinary course except that, some moments ago, we heard the squeal of car breaks working frantically and failing.  At the end of a long squeal, we heard a crash.   When we looked out into the road, we saw the back end of a car parked two houses away from us crumpled with its bumper guards on the ground.  A few feet away, on the lawn of the house on the opposite side of the road, the offending car sat, its back totaled, and its front pushing the street  sign at an angle.  Right now, four police cars and a fire truck block the road.  At least,  no one seemed to have been hurt.




A bowl of daffodils by the window
Looking at the grey skies and falling snow
convey my prayers for a cheerful day
To frighten those sad winter ghosts away
That my heart may sing hymns and
Of the wonders that each season delivers.


Another winter storm just blew over.  Today, we have sunny skies magnifying the whiteness of the ground.  The ground, long deprived of snow, has now plenty of it.  I guess, the rivers will be overflowing come spring time.  And that  is good.

Happy Monday to you, Friends.

DVerse Poets’ Quadrille 26  Prompt – Ghost


This is a photo of my son standing before a whiteboard at around noontime on a sunny summer day.  The shadows were cast by the window blinds in a room with glass walls. 


Here, my son plays on a puddle while resting after walking around the zoo on a hot summer day.  The place was perfect for a stop considering the shade provided by the maple leaves.
The light was so strong that it made these shadows of the beams on the ground.  The shadows and the beams almost formed a tunnel of lines on that hot summer noon.

WPC:  Shadow