ORIGIN OF STARS (a Quadrille)

 I saw my fox fish
a star from the sea
How brightly it shone
showing its joy to be free
Then it began to crackle,
crumble into sparks
then flew like fireflies
into the skies so dark
and there they’re still
brightening the night.

This silly poem was inspired by my son’s silly rebus sentence.🙂  

DVerse Quadrille #19:  Spark


autumn-daisyWhen only  autumn daisies bloom 
and the air reeks of rotting fungi
when all the leaves there are
are  on the ground
and beauty is hard to find

when all the world is wrapped in frost
and there's no warmth to have
when all the breeze bears  is a sombre dirge

when all comfort has been  stripped away 
and nothing else remains
what are you?



Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship
My senses have been stripped
My hands can't feel to grip
My toes too numb to step”

	~ from Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan

	My heart lies in the wasteland
	shattered into pieces
	just like the promises
	my idols used to make
	I laughed at him who would promise the moon
	then I heard you sing, my heart skipped -
	your dream woke my own
  	I  believed in magic again
	I let fall my crutches, your hands I grip - 
	Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship

	bring me to heights I have never been
	in the land of unicorns 
	we live enchantment
	Happiness we'll   sprinkle like stars
 	make believers of cynical hearts
	I am a  schoolgirl whose giddy  lips
 	burn with first love's kiss
	Slake my thirst
	This bliss  could I  keep?
	My senses have been stripped

	dancing by your strings
	Keep singing your song 
	to hold me in your thrall
	I will hold you in a pedestal 
	Your honor  is my own and 
	May  thunder and lightning rip
	him who pricks our bubble
	Yet sometimes I taste the honey-
	coated bile that from your mouth slips
	My hands can't feel to grip

	the scales around my eyes
	 I would rather keep them there
	to maintain my illusions
	than be hurt by  the truth-
	your grandeur was only my hunger
	feeding on itself.  If my world slipped
 	and revealed you for who you are -  
	a piper leading me to  a cliff - 
	Might I have that gift while I soundly slept: 
	My toes too numb to step.

For Meeting the Bar, DVerse Poets’ Pub asks the patrons to write a piece inspired by Bob Dylan to honor his winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. While I know Mr. Dylan, I am not familiar with his body of works except perhaps for Blowing in the Wind. It was widely played during the years of dictatorship in the Philippines and especially during its waning days in ’86. Blowing in the Wind became a pseudo anthem for the Filipinos aching to be free of the tyranny of the Marcos era. Perhaps my cousins played a lot of Mr. Dylan’s song, but I might not have appreciated his genre which tended towards folk-country.

I was a bit disheartened when I read about the Meeting the Bar prompt but I looked up his music in youtube anyway. I still had trouble with the musical flavor (I am sorry for the fans of the genre. I offer as excuse my growing up as a country bumpkin in the more rural villages of the Philippines) so I searched for the lyrics to his songs. What beautiful poetry opened before my eyes. I am most impressed by Mr. Tambourine Man, not only because of its wistful words, but also because I think that the melody is something I can relate to. After listening to the song several times, and reading the words several times, I am convinced that Mr. Tambourine Man is an even better work than Blowing in the Wind.

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THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)


The lovers floated 
in the clouds oblivious 
of the breeze that could 
make mallards shiver
or of the slanting sun 
that made the leaves 
burn  yellow and crimson.  
They were wrapped 
in a cocoon
of each other's arms
making the public 
pond their own.

For:  DVerse Poets' Quadrille #18: Cloud

We spent a good part of yesterday afternoon visiting a nearby state park, Borderline State Park.  We covered only a tiny fraction of the park.  So far, my favorite part was the Leach Pond area where I was able to see autumn reflected in the water and some mallard ducks in the water.  I would have loved to see the ducks at closer range but a pair of lovers blocked the narrow egress to the pond.  They give me the idea for this piece.