Cilantro sproutHope lies

by the windowsill

seeds are waking

the heart of spring.


Happy First Day of Spring! The new day brings renewed enthusiasm for the things I enjoyed doing – like blogging and taking pictures.   All those grey around us pushed me in a state of hibernation, so to speak.  :-)

Thank you all for visiting this virtual home during the time I was away. :-)





The other day, our children and I visited my husband in his office. From his window, I could see students walking to and from their classes. Towards noon, the sunny day turned cloudy and pretty soon, heavy snowfall came. Bored, I took pictures of the people rushing like ants to their anthill. But this guy was different. He walked with more measured gait, seemingly absorbed in his thoughts.

Come, Spring. Come. Please do not delay
filling the fields with bright daffodils
to chase the gloom of winter away.
Come, Spring. Come. Please do not delay
your warm breath on dead hearts, we pray
that soon the earth with praise and joy fills
Come, Spring. Come. Please do not delay
filling the fields with bright daffodils.


Hello, Friends.  I have not had a chance to catch up with you nor reply to your comments.   We’ve spent the last couple of days attending a game convention where the children play and have fun and where we, parents, assist the littler ones.  I am not much of a gamer but have to be to fit in in my family. :-) :-)  Hopefully, the senior player, the one who trained his children to be his game mates, will be able to play his own game today. :-)

See you all.  Please bear with me a bit. Thank you. :-)




Please click on the pictures to view a bigger image. :-)


Spring will come
the snow will thaw
tulips will bloom
all in good time.


We are experiencing some serious winter.  Sometimes, I feel discouraged by all the gray around me.  Right now, this is how our place looks like – Blizzard morning

The above photo shows our sideyard.  Here is our backyard -

blizzard backyard

And here is our front yard -

front yard

I took the above pictures on a Sunday afternoon after our fourth major winter storm.  If some melting happened between Sunday and this morning, it has been promptly replaced by the  2-3 inch snow that fell during the day.   I think snow is spitting as I am making this post.   As you can tell, snow is not my friend right now especially since it did not even bother to let me finish shoveling our pavement before it started falling again.

Still, our New England winter is not always like this.  Last year we got less snow that this and the storms were polite enough to allow a lot of melting before they visited us again.  I guess, one can never tell with the weather. :-)


He loved his baby brother at first sight in that hospital room where we waited for the family to visit. He held his brother with as much care as his two year old arms could give. He was fascinated by the tiny body squirming out of his lap.
How much fun they have growing up together. He teaches his baby brother all the skills a little boy
should know. The younger one learns quickly. They love playing with each other. They want to take a nap together. Sometimes, I let them. Often, I would sneak into their room to check if they did fall asleep and I would find them under the blanket wiggling and whispering to each other. How they giggled whenever I pulled the blanket to reveal their mischievous faces.

Brothers3Of course, it is not all fun and roses with these two (and the other two who are not in the photos).  They could bicker all day and tell on each other.  They make each other cry and scream.   Yet even then, I know that they love each other as deeply as only brothers can.


For WPC:  Depth


Morning 2

Calm Before a Storm

the beauty of today
It passes
whether by the turning
of the earth around the sun
or by the blowing of stormy gales.
But it passes
Never to return
Cling not
to its sorrows or joy
that with new eyes
you can behold
the gifts of a new day.

Morning 1

Snowy Morning

Well, we did not get the amount of snow that we were expecting. While I was primed for a historic blizzard, I was glad that it turned out to be of the regular variety: with less damage and less clean-up to do. My husband and children were certainly glad to be not shoveling more than they already did. Thank you for your kind thoughts and concern. :-)


Frozen MapleSculpted glass

glittering beauty

cold heart

Frozen 1

 We’re expecting a big snow storm today, one that is expected to drop 20-30 inches of snow.  January is making up for all the snow winter has missed so far.   With all that snow, flood will greet us when spring comes.   Those of you in the north east, stay safe and warm. And to all of you,  Happy Monday. :-)