Teacup and petals

The teacups rest in the cupboard
wishing for those days long gone
when friends gathered round the table
filling moments with laughter and songs.

Days came, days went, dreams led our step
to different paths. “Until then,”
we said, believing that distance
is determined solely in miles

while our hearts remained entwined.
If the miles are not bridged again
will our shared memories keep
our kinship strong? From afar

we can hope that we are the same
friends  we were from ages ago.
The teacups rest in the cupboard
waiting to prove our friendship true.


For dVerse Poets’ Poetics:  Unintended Farewell

QUEEN ANNE’S FATE (for lack of a better title)

Queen Anne

Queen Anne
trim with lace
the meadow bed
for your wild monarch
butterfly rests his head
in your chambers. Would he stay?
You ask. Faithfulness is not his
to give. Yet you stay with your merry
ways until Autumn’s cold winds do you part.

Hope is a gift that lets you stand even
when the world seems to plot your fall.
Too many times your eyes had shed
tears that drowned a weaker soul.
In your hand they are pearls
rising as prayer
that your heart be
made anew
with each


An Etheree for DVerse Poets.


Already, spring is halfway done. It was not so long ago when I was anxiously waiting for the thaw, the warming up, and the budding of the leaves and flowers. The spring trees have all bloomed and gone and the temperatures say that summer is nearby.

How quickly, how quickly time goes by.

The glorious sunrise
dissipates into darkness
for a new morning


A couple of weeks ago, my two sons celebrated their 11th and 7th birthdays respectively. The older one labels himself a tween, while the younger one begins to dream. “Daddy, I will be a Daddy like you when I am older,” he would say.


My husband says it’s not too long before our eldest leaves home for college, and then for always. I shudder to think of the time when our children go on their own and leave our home quiet. I feel sad knowing that a time will come when we will no longer celebrate holidays and special occasions together. But, that is just how it is.

Cherry blossoms show
petals strewn across the skies
grateful for their time



I was taking in the scene and atmosphere of the Renaissance Faire when I saw this flower lady. When the little girl approached her, the lady sat to chat with the little girl with that bright bright smile. I do not know now whether the child was buying flowers or asking about the bird, but I do know that they had a beautiful few minutes there.


Should you find a reason, however slight,
for my freedom – a sunbeam, a rose bud
or an “I love you” from your little child
set me free. Don’t hold me down with the might

of your burdens – those clothes to fold and wash
a sink full of dishes, voices that demand
all of you at once. It will cost you none
to let me out but the scowl in your eyes

that will perhaps give way to some brightness
to lift your spirits. Maybe then, you’ll find
joy in what you do. Do not remain blind
to the beauty of everyday just because

you feel down. Smile, smile as much as you can
Ah, such a simple thing, this victor’s crown.