Where are the roads that brought me home
those that turned to muck when it rained?
Where are the fields that let my eyes
see far into the horizon?
Could I be   lost? This is not home.
“Progress came,” said the old folks, proud
of their big houses and built-in fields
while new faces goggled at mine.



After a long spell, I am glad to join the Pub party again.

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MUMS AND DAFFODILS (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Close-Ups)

Sunny Mum

Spring brought back my enthusiasm to take photographs.  The bursting colors ache to be captured for posterity.  They are good reminders that the dreary white of winter do not last even when it seems to grab  every nook and cranny of my world  and last forever.


I remember asking myself if all the snow we had would ever go away.  The snowbanks seem too high   I wondered if they would melt in time for us to enjoy some spring.  The warming sun did not disappoint.   After a couple of days of  bright sunshine and above freezing temperature, a lot of the snow retreated.  Soon, we could see the ground and early bulbs peeking out.

Yellow MumNow, the daffodils and hyacinths are in bloom.  The trees are budding.  The anticipation for all the beauties yet to unfold has obscured the gloomy memories of a frozen season.


P.S.  Please hover over the photos to remove the misty effect. :-) Thank you.


Cilantro sproutHope lies

by the windowsill

seeds are waking

the heart of spring.


Happy First Day of Spring! The new day brings renewed enthusiasm for the things I enjoyed doing – like blogging and taking pictures.   All those grey around us pushed me in a state of hibernation, so to speak.  :-)

Thank you all for visiting this virtual home during the time I was away. :-)