Christmas CArd


The Queen breathed life to morning
the long night of waiting passed
with the sky erupting in wonder
when angels proclaimed the first Christmas

Eyes beheld the King of kings
an infant asleep on His straw bed
Meek and humble as a lamb He came
meek and humble, to the Tree, He was led

where He stretched His broken arms
and gathered the world to His breast
bleeding fiery red for love
that all creation might be cleansed

pure as winter’s freshly fallen snow
that souls will find their beauty lost
and once again mirror Grace
and sing God’s praises with Angelic hosts.



This is an old poem from December 2013.  To remember this day, I am re-publishing it.

The blessings of Christmas be upon you all.



Autumn passed me by in a blur
reds, gold, and brown streaked by as brush
strokes on canvass while the train chugged
on its tracks. A black mirror snaked through the forest floor
multiplied the earth and skies once and several times more.
A man stood on a field still green, being chased by his dog
my reverie was broken by a child crying out of her mother’s hold.
The sun scattered diamonds on the window pane
Too late did I mark the passing scene –
a woman sat on a bench under a flaming tree
a book on her lap,
on her mittened hands a steaming cup of coffee.
Everything disappeared, just when I saw them –
the woman, the trees, the world, and time.
Who is passing who? Is it the world or is it I?
Would that I could be in the moments gone by.



One of the buildings that made an impression on me when my family and I visited Albany, NY was the Department of Education Building.  It was a long, relatively low building that appeared to be help up high by a long row of the most ornate of Greek columns, the Corinthian Column.

Below is a closeup of the capital with its intricate carvings and design.  Looking towards the background, you can see the relief on the ceiling, while above,  you can see hints of the elaborate relief that  decorate the cornice.  (Please pardon me if I am not able to name the parts accurately. :-)  )

Corinthian column2

Here is a full view of the shaft and the base of the columns.  Don’t they look elegant? 

Corinthian columns

I tried to take a photo of the facade of the building.  However, parts of it, towards the right, is blocked by the massive (and equally ornate) State Capitol.   I had to crop this photo drastically just to get a closer look at the building.

Department of Education

In case you are curious about the State Capitol, here it is, too.

State Capitol.

The building on the far left is the Department of Education’s.





Your scent lingers in the cool winter air
Visions of you tame its harsh landscape
You will ever live, Oh Roses of October
you who bloomed amidst autumn’s chill
until the very last when its frosty breath
shriveled your petals and made them fall
to the ground made fertile
by gifts you received and you’ve given.


Two sorority sisters, both at the prime of their lives, succumbed to cancer recently. To them, and to all who have lived, loved, and given their all, – a little remembrance.



Beyond these gates was an enchanted forestFaire-entrance

full of people having a grand time.
Faire people

Interesting folks inhabited the woods.  They filled it with music –

death defying acts – acrobats

wire act


and heroism and courage.Dueling Knights It was a place to meet interesting people:  knights sweltering in late September heat –

Winter Knightsa queen and her ladies-in-waiting relaxing under the shade of an oak tree –
Chatting Ladies


-vendors whose welcoming smiles lend charm to their goodies.Smiling Vendor

There were souvenir shops where one could buy medieval themed products.  pottery


There were rides and other entertainments for the young and old.  Ride

pirate ship


Closing time came too quickly, but not before my children snagged their favorite souvenir – a wooden sword for each one.  I took as many digital (and mental pictures) as I can.  As we plodded our way back to our car, tired and exhausted, I exclaimed several times how much of a great time I had.  Perhaps, next year, we will be in this extraordinary place again.


WPC:  Extraordinary