I am a bluet
a cross is my flower
I am of low stature
I have no fragrance,
nor showy color
simplicity is my gift
a cross is my flower
I am Bluet
I am beautiful.


I am fascinated by these little flowers that I am taking a lot of pictures of them (while they are still on the ground.  Whenever I see them, I marvel at the beauty of creation.  God made grand mountains and exquisite tiny flowers and other beautiful things in between.


Misty Road

We dream.
We plan.
We take our steps with hope
for only hope can carry us through
fear paralyzes.
who knows what awaits
what doors will open
what doors will close
with each choice we make.
We cross the threshold
fear has drawn
holding on
to the tender mercies of God.




I was cleaning my WP boxes and came across this old draft of a post.    After some re-drafting, I thought the piece is OK enough to be published.  🙂  I guess, I am explaining why I am posting a wintry photo at this time of the year.


Happy day to all of you.


morning mushrooms


It is an October morning

sunbeams filter through the boughs

dew-laden grass glisten
inviting me to touch
their diamond-tipped blades
with my bare feet

the hum of birds shield
against the morning rush

but there I was

behind closed doors and glass panes
to be the sunbeam and dew
for those I love.