Sparrow variety

the grey bird called from the tree
I looked around in wonder
I scrambled on my knee
ran around like a madwoman
“just one pretty picture”
was my silent plea.
But lo! with my every step
the bird flew to a higher branch
and reaching  the treetop
opened its wings
and vanished just like that!

Birds are words
and words are birds
what difference is there?
just when I thought I’ve captured them
as suddenly they disappear.

So, ever, I wait
for that blessed time
when they will visit me
and linger for awhile
long enough that I can
put them in a picture or a rhyme.

Gray Sparrow-small

I wrote the piece with Poetry Jam’s prompt in mind – Writing.  See how others interpreted the prompt by going to that page. 🙂  The poem , of course, is inspired by this bird that I chanced upon the other day in our backyard.  I was much interested in it because it was new to me.  I think that this sighting was only the second I had after many years of living where we are.

I will very much appreciate it if you can help me identify the bird.  It has dark beak, longish tail, gray feather with white at the tips.  The photos though do not show the bird’s features very well.   Oh, it is solitary.  I thought that it was a Sparrow variety but a quick internet search refuted that.  I read that grey sparrows have pale beaks.

Thank you very much for coming by. 🙂

25 thoughts on “WORDS ARE BIRDS

  1. Imelda I wish I could help with the ID but we don’t get it here so I can’t… it looks a lot like our wagtails, but they seldom sit in trees… lovely photos though…

  2. Beautiful shot and poem! I know the feeling…..I constantly hang around my mango tree doing just that! But you express it far better 🙂

  3. I love this comparison between words and birds. You got good photos of the bird despite it’s fleeing. Since I do not know what part of the world you live in I can’t really tell what kind of bird it is. It does not have a sparrow beak, more like a warbler of some kind. Look in the warbler section of you bird book.

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