Pink Wildflower macro
These are wildflowers growing among between the rock wall in my in-laws’ place. One can only admire their resilience and simple beauty.

Wildflowers bloom where they are
in places where no one dare to be
in rocks and crags, in sun or shade
in well trod paths, in places nobody sees.

They need no care, no pampering
except that which nature supplies
They’ll plant their roots and they will grow
whether they’re met by cheers or sighs.

They dance with the fickle wind
They paint the meadows bright
All this grace and beauty pass
unnoticed by indifferent eyes.


POETRY JAM wants us to write about something ordinary.

10 thoughts on “ODE TO WILDFLOWERS (for Poetry Jam)

  1. Wildflowers may be ordinary but they have a special kind of beauty, I think. Even more beautiful than flowers that are purposely planted. Nice poem, Imelda.

  2. Oh yes we do often take wildflowers for granted–just ordinary wildflowers. And they are such lovely things. Amazing where they will grow!

  3. We have an area in our yard where we can’t dig to plant so wildflower seeds is what I’m going to do.. because like your poem says…I think their roots will find a way…. Diane

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