Silence is the sanctuary of my soul. It is the shell that turns sand into a pearl. Within its confines, words lose meaning and become the ripples that disturb the serene surface. How lovely is this silence. How fragile is the stillness. I hide and burrow deeper in its comforts. From within, I see theContinue reading “AN ANATOMY OF SILENCE”


I want to hear Silence winding its way in the crowd picking up the noise and zipping them in his bag. I would like to hear him sing in the treetops and on the ground accompanied only by birds carrying their rhythm to the clouds. I would love Silence to sit with me on theContinue reading “A MOMENT WITH SILENCE”


I flew to the stars shared the vacuum that’s their space – chaos bothered me. I ran to the woods lost the world among the trees – the rustling leaves brought the world’s cries to me. I rushed to the battlefields muzzled the guns stopped the wars healed some wounds dried some tears still –Continue reading “QUEST FOR PEACE”

ESCAPE (for WPC: Habit)

ESCAPE   Sunday afternoon I know she’ll be there seeking solace from the chaos in her mind staring at the pond at nowhere her past catching up with her Among the geese and the swans she finds love and freedom flying into the sun. ~~~~~~ For  this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – HABIT.   That sheContinue reading “ESCAPE (for WPC: Habit)”


Silence surrounds me as a fortress surrounds a castle strong, impenetrable, imposing warding off attacks from all sides silence surrounds me I am safe and alone.   ~~~~~ While I was cleaning up my drawer, I found this draft of a poem that I wrote more than a decade ago when I was single, working,Continue reading “SILENCE”