No, I am not dabbling with food and cooking.  I am not that ambitious yet.  I know I can soften food, very well, I say.  However, I do not think that that ability is good enough to pretend to be a food blogger. 😀  The only reason I posted a brownie is because Beth of I Should be Folding Laundry posted a photo challenge for “SOMETHING YOU DID”.  Now,  I have done so many things in my life, many of them not photo-worthy, if they could be photo subjects at all.  😉

Yesterday, Father’s Day, I baked this brownie  to finish our Father’s Day meal.   This is THE Brownie for us:  moist, chocolatey, very chocolate-y,  rich brown, crusty.  The flavor and texture just explode in  the mouth.   The recipe is from the King Arthur Flour package.  Because I am lazy, I photographed it for you, just in case you will be interested to make this after my very generous endorsement. 😉

Oh, for this recipe, I used Ghirardelli cocoa powder, not the Dutch-pressed cocoa powder that was in the ingredient list.


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Here is a bunch of photos – mish mash of photos – that I took today.

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Blue skies
green fields
dark woods
shimmery wings.

Tractor roaring
wood splitting
bees buzzing
breeze whispering.

Flowers blooming
plants growing
birds soaring
children playing.

A beautiful day.
Hearts appreciating
Souls praying.

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Whoever named this bug a ladybug had absolutely no regard for the male (lady)bug’s feelings.  Oh no! None at all. 😉 Well, I am just chanelling the male ladybug from It’s a Bug’s Life.   It just ruined his credibility as a rough and tough bug goonie to be constantly referred to as ‘lady’.

Anyway,  I was so glad to find a ladybug on the leaf of a rose plant the other day.  I think they are pretty bugs.  My little son enjoyed looking at it too.

Aside from being beautiful,   their presence signal the end of the  nasty bugs’ reign in our  garden.   Each spring, I have to spray a fish-smelling  concoction on the plants to kill the leaf-eaters and wait for the arrival of the friendly critters.   The company from which I bought a couple of rose plants proudly refers to ladybugs as garden helpers and buy a lot of them  for their gardens.

My luck held the following day when, while taking pictures of the watery pine needles, I chanced upon an odd-looking bug.  It was the same size as a lady bug but it was not quite a ladybug.  

Based on comparisons with available pictures online, it seems that this is a ladybug pupa.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Lines of power

lines of beauty

transport me

to eternity.

I guess I am in a musical mood today.

Well, this might be a bit jarring after I posted the opening notes of Canon in D, but this piece is equally satisfying. 🙂  And Sarah Chang, an excellent violinist, did a very good job with this one.  I hope you enjoy this version of Bach’s Air in G.

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After having a relatively sweet-free Lent and enjoying its results, I told my husband that we should minimize candies and sweet stuff in our home.  My husband happily agreed until he saw that the chocolates I love are severely discounted in the groceries.  So, tossing resolutions aside, he bought three bags of M&M Peanut eggs at one time, with some Cadbury Eggs thrown in for good measure.  Then a box of Ferreros at another.

And three bags of Lindt most recently.

Oh my!

But, much as I love these chocolates, there is a kind that I treasure like gold in our house.  I come by them  only so rarely.  My sister makes them  out of the  beans  that she collected from the  fruits of the cocoa trees growing in our   backyard.   I refer to Tableya, a.k.a., chocolate balls.  

We used to eat them like candy when we were children.   I teach my children to do the same too.

They make the best hot chocolate.  Ever.   🙂

Best of all, they remind me of the place and the time when I was growing up.  🙂


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