PINK TULIP (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink)

pink tulipThe garden is her ballroom
where she dances a dainty minuet
bobbing and turning
in her velveteen skirt.
How the sun beams at her
admiring her grace
while she blushes like a princess
meeting the eyes of her prince.
She shimmered and she danced
until she gave her final bow
in the midnight hour, sweet memories
into my heart she bestowed.



pink tulip 2cees-fun-foto

LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)

On Labor Day, my family and I visited the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. We walked the trail around the forest. Since I am just about the most reluctant walker in the whole wide world :-), I consider it a big achievement to be able to walk on this path and enjoy some family time. Beyond that, I consider loving and being loved by the members of this family (whose figures disappear around the bend) my greatest achievement of all.


I wash the dishes
prepare our food
do the laundry
fold our  clothes
scrub the toilets
polish the floor
kiss my husband
before he heads out the door

I change diapers
kiss my children’s wounds
teach them their ABCs
tell them to be good
I play their games
hug them tight
tuck them into bed
after prayers at night

When the house is quiet
I rest my weary feet
after I look at the faces
smiling as they fall asleep.
My life is hidden
in the little things
yet, to love and be loved
makes all the difference.

There. I got a little closer. These folks walk too fast for my liking. 🙂

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Green Cabin

Paint the leaves scarlet and gold
lend them the glow of the sun
riding low in the sky
Don’t scrimp on the colors
the shadows will come anytime
to fill in the spaces in the foliage
You will need the charcoal
to trace the path of the leaf swirling
from the branch to the ground
where the colors bleed
Do not cry. Darkness will shine on the light
or is it the other way around?
Do you see how vivid the hues are
against the descending gloom
like life . . .
staring at death.



Today, my second grader, Raphael, learned more about the weather. The Enrichment Activity suggested the writing of a poem about the weather.


Here is the poem he wrote:


In winter, it is cold as snow
spring is as rainy as water can go
weather is so neat
rain or snow
it’s precipitation
clouds are condensation
summer is as hot as fire
fall is cool and tires.

He is quite proud of it and he wants to share his poem.  On the other hand, I am happy and proud of his work and want to encourage him in his writing/school work.  🙂  Besides, I think that it is the perfect poem to go with the pictures I took the other day of the thick snow fall.

Tree in the Snow

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There was nowhere to hide
there was nowhere to run
so they escaped upwards
of whatever’s hunting them down
there was fear
there was hope
there was anticipation of what they’d see
they climbed higher and higher
until they reached heaven
they were free.


I wrote the above piece as a response to the November Chapbook Challenge to write a poem inspired by Mikola Gnisyuk’s People in Trees

From the website New First Unexpected by Kevin Kinsella

I am linking up with that lovely place called DVERSE POETS PUB for its first Open Link Night for 2014.  Do come by and check it out. 🙂


The Queen breathed life to morning
the long night of waiting passed
with the sky erupting in wonder
when angels proclaimed the first Christmas

Eyes beheld the King of kings
an infant asleep on His straw bed
Meek and humble as a lamb He came
meek and humble, to the Tree, He was led

where He stretched His broken arms
and gathered the world to His breast
bleeding fiery red for love
that all creation might be cleansed

pure as winter’s freshly fallen snow
that souls will find their beauty lost
and once again mirror Grace
and sing God’s praises with Angelic hosts.

2013 WWP Wordle
This is the word list from We Write Poems’ December Prompt 193

Thanks to Sabra of Later, Miss Slater, I got acquainted with We Write Poems.  I’ve been wanting to write a poem about Christmas but could not manage to do so until I saw this word list from We Write Poems.

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