My words refuse to be written or said. They disappear as soon as I try to trap them on paper. I cry that I have no poem to capture the beauty, both seen and unseen. Then I saw the flowers  blooming and  I knew where  words have been  nestling. I am sad to learn thatContinue reading “FLOWERS ARE POEMS”


I am Peony, Queen of spring gardens  Beauty is my blueprint I bow to the rain Grandeur is my burden. “I am Peony, Queen of spring gardens Beauty is my blueprint I bow to the rain Grandeur is my burden.” That’s the little piece I thought of after seeing the beautiful flowers bowed to theContinue reading “PEONY (for WPC: EXTRA, EXTRA)”


We are still away from home and I am missing home (although I am enjoying the lack of activity and the shared responsibility as far as supervising children goes). There is no better ‘distraction’ than grandma and grandpa. 🙂 I took most of these pictures before we left for our spring visit to my in-laws.Continue reading “PEONIES FOR YOU”


Please pardon me if I go overboard with the peony pictures.   Peonies are just plain lovely and I like them a lot.  All flowers are beautiful but peonies are special because they are big yet  delicate;  they are showy; and they are fragrant.  Their only downside is that they bloom only once. As soonContinue reading “PEONY BLUSH”