I am Peony,


Queen of spring gardens

 BudsBeauty is my blueprint


I bow to the rain

White Peony2

Grandeur is my burden.

Peonies aftertherain

“I am Peony,
Queen of spring gardens
Beauty is my blueprint
I bow to the rain
Grandeur is my burden.”

That’s the little piece I thought of after seeing the beautiful flowers bowed to the ground after a night of rain. Huge as the flowers already are, they simply cannot handle the extra weight of rainwater.  Peony rings are available in garden centers.  They do not work well, however.  Almost always, the plants get too tall for them and they are unable to hold up the stems properly.  A neighbor advised me that the best way to support the plant is to drive stakes around it and tying a rope around the stakes, essentially making a fence around the plants.  The rope will prevent the stems from falling to the ground.  Of course, I did not do that on time.


Big Peony Bud


We are still away from home and I am missing home (although I am enjoying the lack of activity and the shared responsibility as far as supervising children goes). There is no better ‘distraction’ than grandma and grandpa. 🙂
I took most of these pictures before we left for our spring visit to my in-laws. I was glad that most of the plants bloomed by then.

SO, I took a lot of photo souvenirs to remember the flowers by and to be able to show them off. 🙂 They work hard to make our place pretty, they deserve the praise. 🙂3peonies

Chances are, these blooms are mostly gone by now, and those that opened after we left are down on the ground because of the heavy rains that they had just endured.  I was meaning to make a rope ring to support them but I ran out of time.


The above peonies are planted on the front yard.  I hope that the flowers made passersby happy as I feel happy seeing another’s garden.


White peony

Anyway, I cut some of the stems and gave them to my next door elderly neighbor.  I was glad to see the young lady’s face light up wen she received the flowers on her grandmother’s behalf.
Peony bunch

Then I cut some more for my in-laws’ vase.  My husband wrapped the stems in a wet paper towel inside a plastic wrap.  It survived the 7 hour sunny trip to Maine.   The pink ones lasted 5 days in the vase without any flower food.  The paler peonies were good for three days.

Peonies in a vase

I consider that a great vase life.

The last peony is not from our garden but from the place we went to for Mass yesterday.  After some rainy days, it was a treat to go out into the sun and see flowers abloom.


Sonel, I had you in mind when I posted these flowers. I remember promising you that I will post more peony photos. Here they are.

Proverbsgirl and Friendlyfairytales, thank you for the award you gave me. They brought me a lot of smile and encouragement.  I also have you in mind when I posted the flowers.

Friends, Proverbsgirl has an inspirational blog where you can find a compilation of themed quotations from the Bible and from famous people, among others. Friendlyfairytales, on the other hand, writes original fairy tales. I love the characters in her stories because they are well-fleshed out and so real. Do check out these wonderful pages. 🙂

And of course, these flowers are for all of you who have been so kind to follow the blog (thank you!), visit, and leave comments.  Your presence is much appreciated.

I hope you are all having a great day.  It’s a nice day to be outdoors today, at least where we are. God bless you all. 🙂


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Please pardon me if I go overboard with the peony pictures.   Peonies are just plain lovely and I like them a lot.  All flowers are beautiful but peonies are special because they are big yet  delicate;  they are showy; and they are fragrant.  Their only downside is that they bloom only once.

As soon as I had a place to plant, I planted peonies.  I remember being quite scared about planting my first bareroot plants.  I watched videos.  I looked for online instructions.   I was glad when the fist sprouts came out.  And I was more than glad to know that these plants are so low maintenance.  Once they get established, they get going.   They did not even mind that I planted them in full sun, not in partial sun as recommended.

Now I have 5 bushes in the garden.  Four of them are flowering (though I might not see the other blooms because  I will be on a little holiday).  I recently bought another bareroot plant.  Silly me.  I have forgotten to  plant it.   Maybe because, I do not know where to stick it anymore.  I suppose I can strip more lawn to make more garden.  I don’t think my Betterhalf will be thrilled about that though. 🙂

The flowers shown here are from one of the bushes.  The plant was supposed to be White Peony.  However, as you can see, these flowers are pale pink.  They do, however, turn white as they soak up the sun and  go further along.  Some inner petals will also show a red stripe.

The pictures were taken over several days.  I had a field day today after the rain.  Peonies and raindrops are just pretty, I think.

Thank you for visiting and viewing the pictures.   I hope you enjoyed looking at them as I enjoyed taking the pictures. 🙂

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Have a beautiful blessed day.