TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

You opened that door, too soon, and floated like a butterfly who saw flowers after a long long while. Come back, grace our table once more. Let us raise our tequila glass for what we have become. We’ll drink deep of the life behind and before us. We’ll pucker up at the sour lemon inContinue reading “TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”


Heaven’s splendor stars, melted, on the ground Night’s gift to Day. Dawn diffusing light smile openingĀ  sleepy eyes glorious beginnings.   ~~~ For more GOOD MORNINGS, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge. šŸ™‚Ā Ā  Thank you for coming by.Ā  I hope you have a pleasant day. šŸ™‚


September sun don’t let me down there’s a touch of gloom in your eyes Should I be surprised by your sad smile when there is an impending good bye? September Sun darkness is advancing chill hovers in the air what is it like to stare at surrender and the loss of your power? You areContinue reading “SEPTEMBER SUN”


Clusters of flowers Beauty beyond Ā sum of parts No room for sadness.   ~~~~ Finally, we are back home. Ā  My vegetable garden did not do well this time. Ā Half the tomatoes and the zucchini are dying. Ā But the garden plants did ok. Ā Inside the house, I saw the hydrangea looking as fresh as theContinue reading “HYDRANGEA”


The Crocus and the Bee Well, hello there! I’m glad to see again your familiar face gracing this place, without life before you came, smiling its welcome. I was afraid to venture into the world ’til warm winds with Ā breathy voice carried the rush of water washing snow away revealing life beneath. The time forContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: COLORS”