A rose blooms for every soul born the mother’s heart is a garden expanding with each seed sown. Her heart is never divided into smaller portions, until it becomes crumbs doled out to begging mouths. Love is multiplied and her heart is given whole to each fruit of her womb. Daily Post: Baby Dverse Poets’Continue reading “A MOTHER’S HEART”


To My Sons If I could sear in my memory every second of your life I would. Then I will be able to tell you every little detail that will make you smile in their remembrance – how you cried the first time you beheld a world outside the womb the day your coos turnedContinue reading “MOMENTS (for WPC: DETAILS)”

LOST (for Poetry Jam)

There was a father he loved his children he worked day and night to make their future certain They needed to have wealth so he believed that they would not suffer the poverty of his own childhood. His children asked for toys and treats “there’s no money,” he always complained, “for rainy days, they haveContinue reading “LOST (for Poetry Jam)”


He runs to me crying over a bump on his head or a scrape on his knee asking for my kiss- balm for all his pains. If only the magic lasts. ~~~~~ dVerse Poets’ Pub’s challenge is to write a tweet of a poem, essentially a 140 character or less stanza.  For more, please visitContinue reading “MOTHER’S KISS”