PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

Do not put me on a pedestal nothing in that little space is real there, all my sins and all my virtues shine bright depending on the viewer’s eyes. It is lonely at the top separated fromĀ  humanity’s pulse while longing for a kindred heart to toast victories, to mourn failures. No, do not holdContinue reading “PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)”

ALONE (for Poetry Jam)

  Monsters haunt my days and my dreams They work, unceasing, to bring me down convict me of my weakness that I will lose hope and surrender to the darkness in my soul. I walk through the shadows to face the horrors hankering for my fall. How long should I fight? How soon would IContinue reading “ALONE (for Poetry Jam)”

SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)

Look at me. I have come to terms with the mistakes you made. You were young and searching for your meaning. All has been forgiven. There is no sense carrying pain like a millstone around my neck. Look at me. Life has caught up with me. Old age is creeping in my bones and revealContinue reading “SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)”