A lonesome bird sings the evensong
his frantic wings beating towards home.

I count my treasures in the dark
where suggestible senses hold little sway.

Moments tumbled through my fingers,
flickering shadows danced by candlelight.

Would that I could keep only joyful moments;
somehow laughter and tears look alike in the lens of time.

Could a rose be parted from her thorns
and still be one integrated whole?

This I know -
the sunflower that reigned supreme in summer
is the sunflower bowing her head to autumn

How sweet the night playing rain’s broken symphony -
I am where I should be.


4 thoughts on “AUTUMNAL

    1. Ok Naman, Arlene. Unfortunately, I have to attend to so many things, I barely have time to blog. I try, though, to keep this page alive by posting once in awhile. 😊 Kamusta ka rin?

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