My beauty lasts but a short time
and all I have, to you I give -
     My velvet blooms, capture in rhyme
     My beauty lasts but a short time
Before rains make my death knells chime
     I hope I lived my cause to live
My beauty lasts but a short time
and all I have, to you I give.


For dVerse's POetics:  From Nature's Point of View

INDIFFERENCE (for DVerse Poets)


Yellow RoadI went to search for beauty

in the fields nearby

walked past the daisies

and the butterflies

over yellow clover

into the pond

where algea bloomed

and a single swan swam.

Seeing familiar sights

I returned with empty hands.


For DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar prompt, Brian wants the community to write a poem in 50 words or less. 🙂 Come, join the pub.

Thank you for coming by. Happy weekend.


Pink Wildflower macro
These are wildflowers growing among between the rock wall in my in-laws’ place. One can only admire their resilience and simple beauty.

Wildflowers bloom where they are
in places where no one dare to be
in rocks and crags, in sun or shade
in well trod paths, in places nobody sees.

They need no care, no pampering
except that which nature supplies
They’ll plant their roots and they will grow
whether they’re met by cheers or sighs.

They dance with the fickle wind
They paint the meadows bright
All this grace and beauty pass
unnoticed by indifferent eyes.


POETRY JAM wants us to write about something ordinary.


We box beauty
constricting her in lines and shapes
admitting only the few
that fit its limits
Oh, how many wish to be in
still, how many wish to be out
of the suffocating cells
that hurt both
those within
and those without.
Alas! What fortune is it
to be defined by a shape
that only wraps the gift
of soul resplendent.

for DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night


Red Day Lily

Oh Daylily, servant to beauty and time
grace undiminished
though it lasts for only a short while
Should it bargain for an extra day or two
to fill the garden with its festive hues
suffer longer under the withering sun
or live its purpose, then be done
to each gift is duty attached
Is life well lived?
it is what counts.


Recently, two friends, INESEMJPHOTOGRAPHY and  AQUILEANA nominated me for blogging awards.  While I have trouble meeting the conditions for the awards, I definitely appreciate the kind gesture given me.   Ines is a talented photographer and often she posts photo essays in her blog.  I enjoy looking at her photos and reading her well-crafted and researched articles.  Aquileana, on the other hand, writes about Greek Mythology and creative written responses to those.  Thus far, hers is the only blog I encountered that deals with Greek mythology.   Her blog is a great way to be introduced to and get familiar with the classics.  I recommend that you drop by their pages.   The work that they produce deserve appreciation and support.

Thank you all very much.  You are all wonderful. 🙂



You are a flower
you do not see how beautiful you are.
Your earthly eyes only see
your life is sacrifice.
But do you know –
the angels gather your fragrance
to perfume the throne
of the Most High?
Your tears are sprinkled in the heavens
to light the night skies.
When love weighs you down
look up
and see
your image is impressed
in the heart of God.