No one could have been happier than me last Sunday afternoon when we went to a park for our family’s usual Sunday walk.  I spied a rather big pond while we were looking for a parking slot.  As soon as I could, I begged my leave to go to the pond (with my toddler inContinue reading “A SWAN LAKE IN AUTUMN”


The old path offers nothing new. I have been in this place several times before. Still,  I have to be careful – between the network of exposed tree roots, the steep terrain, and the narrowness of the path – I could not afford to not pay attention. I am here to walk and to spendContinue reading “ORDINARY MIRACLES”


My beauty lasts but a short time and all I have, to you I give –      My velvet blooms, capture in rhyme      My beauty lasts but a short time Before rains make my death knells chime I hope I lived my cause to live My beauty lasts but a short timeContinue reading “MAGNOLIA”

INDIFFERENCE (for DVerse Poets)

  I went to search for beauty in the fields nearby walked past the daisies and the butterflies over yellow clover into the pond where algea bloomed and a single swan swam. Seeing familiar sights I returned with empty hands. ~~~ For DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar prompt, Brian wants the community to write a poemContinue reading “INDIFFERENCE (for DVerse Poets)”


Wildflowers bloom where they are in places where no one dare to be in rocks and crags, in sun or shade in well trod paths, in places nobody sees. They need no care, no pampering except that which nature supplies They’ll plant their roots and they will grow whether they’re met by cheers or sighs.Continue reading “ODE TO WILDFLOWERS (for Poetry Jam)”


You are a flower you do not see how beautiful you are. Your earthly eyes only see your life is sacrifice. But do you know – the angels gather your fragrance to perfume the throne of the Most High? Your tears are sprinkled in the heavens to light the night skies. When love weighs youContinue reading “TO THE MOTHER OVERWHELMED BY MOTHERHOOD”


I am Peony, Queen of spring gardens  Beauty is my blueprint I bow to the rain Grandeur is my burden. “I am Peony, Queen of spring gardens Beauty is my blueprint I bow to the rain Grandeur is my burden.” That’s the little piece I thought of after seeing the beautiful flowers bowed to theContinue reading “PEONY (for WPC: EXTRA, EXTRA)”