Birdsongs, free like the wind, beauty without guile serenade the soul. On this side of heav’n they sound just like angel songs. I had to follow this bird into the neighbor’s yard and to stand as quietly as I could under the tree to get a shot of him/her.  I doubt if this isContinue reading “SONGBIRD”



  I hear the sun rustling in the woods stepping softly on the soggy ground She kisses the sleeping buds and whispers, “Wake up, my sleeping child.” Fire-breasted robins call in the wind as they flit and hop from limb to limb while scarlet cardinal puffs up its chest to serenade the one to ruleContinue reading “AWAKENING”


The morning air was sweet with the songs of birds back from their winter retreat Atop the beech tree, I saw the blue and white of blue jays I was quite in awe to see four birds all at once Have they caught their worms to party like old friends? But then, quick as winkContinue reading “EARLY BIRDS”


Your silhouette mesmerizes me It goads me to hold your face to turn you toward the light How would you compare to the shadow that bewitched my mind? Should I live with your illusory beauty and find delight in my imaginings or should I risk the truth of revealing light?   Two weeks ago, IContinue reading “SILHOUETTE”


Black feathers fell from the skies the ground cracked under the weight of the blood-soaked plumes but shoulders only shrugged the feathers were from crows – No one cries for carrion feeders who have neither charm nor song but incantations of dark omens. Shoulders shrugged as dark feathers rained – the skies are blue againContinue reading “THE MURDER OF CROWS”


Hopping Chirping the grey bird called from the tree I looked around in wonder I scrambled on my knee ran around like a madwoman “just one pretty picture” was my silent plea. But lo! with my every step the bird flew to a higher branch and reaching  the treetop opened its wings and vanished justContinue reading “WORDS ARE BIRDS”


I. Dust settled on him, seed under the ground. II. Leaf peeled off the branch, wings spread and took flight. III. Clouds gather up a storm cleansing rain falls. IV. Birdsongs make the air paradise- like. ~~~~ Tilus Poetry, the featured form in tonight’s edition of DVERSE, is a micro poetry form  originated by theContinue reading “TILUS POETRY (for DVERSE)”


A dialogue lets souls see they have more in common than what the surface lets them see. I learned about PAINT THE WORLD WITH WORDS through Brenda’s FRIENDLY FAIRY TALES.(her blog has lovely haibun, and fairy tales, of course!)  The former runs poetry challenges and this week, the challenge is to write a NAANI, aContinue reading “DIALOGUE”