Your heartbeat changed the rhythm of my world the moment it echoed inside my womb. No other music could be more treasured after the sweetness of the Eternal Word. Like an enchantment dispelling all gloom, your heartbeat changed the rhythm of my world. What joys, what dreams your little heart unfurled in my own, swellingContinue reading “TO MY CHILDREN”


Last week’s challenge, Beloved,   brought to my mind my  husband and children.  The photo above shows my youngest playing with his toy colander.  He loves cooking.  Each morning, he would dutifully take out the skillet, cooking oil, and spatula from their respective storage places and put them in my cooking area.  He would help scrambleContinue reading “BELOVED (for WPC)”


  Sugar comes back to our kitchen on Holy Saturdays after a forty day absence. It feeds the yeast that leavens the dough for our favorite Easter treat, Philadelphia Sticky Buns. My husband carefully kneads the rising dough and leaves it on a covered bowl to double. Then it will be kneaded again preparatory toContinue reading “LEAVENED BREAD”


 My arms knew music, the feel of a violin my fingers knew the places where the notes sang well My arms have forgotten the weight of a violin but know well the comforting feel of a baby in their cradle My fingers have forgotten the melodies they played but they have been quite adept atContinue reading “MEMORIES IN MY ARMS”


In the blazing heat of a Middle eastern sun he toils for hours away from his family – young daughters and wife loved from a distance. Birthdays came and birthdays went ten years had gone by hugs and kisses were given through their Facebook posts accompanied by pictures with happy faces concealing their longing hearts.Continue reading “OFW”


We sow memories in a pumpkin field while walking on the dirt to find the one pumpkin – unblemished, round, hallow, and big enough to carve into jack-o-lantern We will put candles inside its belly its face will glow and watch those passing by with eyes ablaze with mischief; the pointy teeth announcing the impContinue reading “PICKING PUMPKINS”


He loved his baby brother at first sight in that hospital room where we waited for the family to visit. He held his brother with as much care as his two year old arms could give. He was fascinated by the tiny body squirming out of his lap. How much fun they have growing upContinue reading “BOND OF BROTHERS (WPC: Depth)”

LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)

  I wash the dishes prepare our food do the laundry fold our  clothes scrub the toilets polish the floor kiss my husband before he heads out the door I change diapers kiss my children’s wounds teach them their ABCs tell them to be good I play their games hug them tight tuck them intoContinue reading “LITTLE THINGS (for WPC: Achievement)”

MOTHER (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

They wove violets and daisies on my hair saying, “You are quite  beautiful and fair” what sweet words for the one who cleans their mess servant and queen, the life of  a mother. I am writing for Bjorn’s DVERSE’ promot – Rub’ai and Rubayiat.  It’s been awhile since I participated in the Pub prompts.   SchoolContinue reading “MOTHER (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”

LOST (for Poetry Jam)

There was a father he loved his children he worked day and night to make their future certain They needed to have wealth so he believed that they would not suffer the poverty of his own childhood. His children asked for toys and treats “there’s no money,” he always complained, “for rainy days, they haveContinue reading “LOST (for Poetry Jam)”