Narcissus, hyacinthsnowdrops, tulips -above the dirttheir little heads poke Not to be outdonethe dandelions sproutsure of themselvesthey know their worth.They fill the fieldscarefree, unabashedas bright as sunshinestretch the golden flood – a feast for the beesfood for the hungryrelief for the achypetals to dye forintoxicating liquorbane of the lawnmowera harbinger of wishesa torrent of sneezesaContinue reading “LITTLE DANDIES”


I sleep between snowdrops And bathe myself in morning dew I clothe myself with hyacinth And dance beneath a sky so blue. I delight in a robin’s song While in dainty Daffodil’s shade I gather Cherry Blossoms in my breast Before their colors begin to fade. I flit from flower to flower On the softContinue reading “SPRING FAIRY”


Sunsets sing my sorrows Tender my heart beats Under the glow of distant stars visions of you make me long for the old home when I was young and just dreaming of now. My thoughts cross the oceans to be with you again. Written for Lillian’s Dverse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar prompt – AnContinue reading “IMMIGRANT”


My words refuse to be written or said. They disappear as soon as I try to trap them on paper. I cry that I have no poem to capture the beauty, both seen and unseen. Then I saw the flowers  blooming and  I knew where  words have been  nestling. I am sad to learn thatContinue reading “FLOWERS ARE POEMS”


  Spring banners unfurled flaunting beauty undefiled Delicate petals of every hue speaks of joy, ever true – the  bleakness of winter nurtures grace beyond measure.   I do not think I will ever tire of looking at flowers and taking their pictures. I have quite a lot of photos after months of seeing onlyContinue reading “SPRING FLOWERS”


After a rainy spell, I stepped into the sunshine of a spring afternoon  to go to the blooming cherry tree near the city green which was about a mile away. I did not particularly relish walking on city roads, busy as they were even on a Sunday afternoon. Fear of getting run over by oncomingContinue reading “CHERRY BLOSSOMS”