Slowly it came – a grey hair here a wrinkle there until one day my mirror reflected a stranger. Could it be that a little kindness here a restrained temper there could wrought such change that one day my mirror will reflect a stranger? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For DVerse’s Quadrille # 71  Prompt – Change.


Better than brownies are muffins with cranberries and chocolate chips there is more flour than sugar and flavor and hue in the tasty bits. I need no plate with a muffin The paper liner catches my crumbs which, when the big muffin is eaten, into my mouth are dumped! Though I risk the wrath ofContinue reading “ON THE MERITS OF MUFFINS”


Sail away, little paper boat to the world of possibilities where existence beholds its dreams. Bring back tidings of what you see. For little feet which can’t yet go far Sail away, little paper boat Let the winds of wide-eyed wonder and innocence keep your sails afloat Puddles glisten on sodden ground beg children launchContinue reading “PAPER BOAT”

PATINA (A Quadrille)

My skin crunches* to the touch like withered petals pressed in a book aged and well loved. Its bronze has lost its luster. Its softness wears the patina bequeathed by time. But knowledge flows in my veins wisdom powers my bones and I am.   ~~~~~~~ For DVERSE’s Quadrille prompt – Crunch, courtesy of Whimzygizmo.Continue reading “PATINA (A Quadrille)”


  Doors lead to doors I only enter with trepidation what’s in store behind the door Hope is my pray’r. I am not a seer I could not count all the costs but I am fairly sure choices have consequences some come soon others later. I am afraid to open a door yet, even ifContinue reading “DOORS”


How dark is the darkness that takes away sense and memories of light? How dark is the darkness that devours what was what is, what will be? How dark is the darkness that locks one in despair and throws out the key? How dark is the darkness that tricks the mind to see escape throughContinue reading “DARKNESS”

QUANDARY (A Quadrille)

Should I rein in the words troubling my heart or Should I set them free? I was afraid I would be spurned, humiliated for daring! But I could also spark a better Something. I was dying to know. So I said – “I love you.” Written for DVerse’s Quadrille #40 prompt, Free,and   Rein ‘Em In!Continue reading “QUANDARY (A Quadrille)”

CATERPILLAR (Tanka for WPC: Waiting)

Waiting for how long a caterpillar endures darkness of cocoon holding on to the promise imprinted in its essence Magic in due time rewards the patient labor Metamorphosis reveals the inner grandeur honoring humility WPC:  Waiting  

LOSS (for Jilly’s Half-a-poem challenge and WPC: Elemental)

Moon, lost in orbit looking for its sun, I am a gaping silence devouring your memory an altar of your absence   I am participating in Jilly’s Half-a-poem Challenge by writing the first part of a Somonka.   A somonka is a type of Japanese poetry framed in two tankas. It has love as theContinue reading “LOSS (for Jilly’s Half-a-poem challenge and WPC: Elemental)”