Thundering light set the sky ablaze wailing sirens sang a dirge melding with the panicked voices rising from scurrying souls seeking shelter from the arcing flames tracing a path to death’s door. Running feet shook the ground they’re hurrying to nowhere hoping for the safety of a prayer coated with blinding smoke washed with tearsContinue reading “WAR”


It can’t be the time when I turned away someone who came knocking at my door in the middle of the night begging for shelter from the descending cold. He looked  ragged and pitiful but I was afraid to take him in. If I admitted him into my world where could I turn had  thisContinue reading “THE SAMARITAN’S DILEMMA”


Alone, I am where I’ve always hoped to be on top of the world, where I can see the little creatures and things under my feet life could never have been so sweet? Yet, why is it that I’m in despair I stretch my hand, touch nothing but air I long for someone whom IContinue reading “AT THE TOP”


Celso saw the little boy from afar holding his mother’s hands while he munched on the apple on his free hand. Celso’s mouth watered; his stomach growled in anticipation. He hid himself behind a nearby trash bin. Keeping his eyes focused on the child, Celso blew on the plastic bag he was holding and knottedContinue reading “HUNGRY”