Verdun, 1917 by Felix Vallotton

Thundering light set the sky ablaze
wailing sirens sang a dirge
melding with the panicked voices
rising from scurrying souls
seeking shelter from the arcing flames
tracing a path to death’s door.

Running feet shook the ground
they’re hurrying to nowhere
hoping for the safety of a prayer
coated with blinding smoke
washed with tears streaming on faces
unrecognizable in agony and fear.

The earth trembled
bodies fell
one after the other
time stood still
senses failed
the silence was deafening –

darkness reigned
had war stopped
or was the world gone?
Would a spirit know
or care
who was right
or who won?

This was written for MAGPIE TALES and 100 WORD CHALLENGE  FOR GROWN-UPS. This week, 100 word’s prompt was “….the silence was deafening”. Meanwhile, MAGPIE TALES has the above picture prompt for this week. I did not know what to make of the word prompt until I saw the photo and understood what the photo was about. As you see, I have difficulty understanding abstract pictures/paintings. I was also not familiar with Verdun or the artist. It was only after a little research that I understood what the prompt was about.

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It can’t be the time
when I turned away someone
who came knocking at my door
in the middle of the night
begging for shelter
from the descending cold.

He looked  ragged and pitiful
but I was afraid
to take him in.

If I admitted him
into my world
where could I turn
had  this stranger
turned out to be an evil spawn?

Should I be strangled
with the heartstrings
that he tugged on so urgently?

Is there a fortress
where a Samaritan can retreat
with his  charity?

Tell me please –
that one dark night
can’t be the time
when I turned you away,

This is my response to MAGPIE TALES’ picture  prompt –

and to 100 WORDS FOR GROWN-UPS’ word prompt – “…it can’t be the time”.

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T’was The Game of the season. So I came prepared – in a short skirt, snug blouse, red lipstick – to catch Star’s attention. I jumped the highest, screamed the loudest to cheer him and his team.

It was the last inning. The Game was tied. When Star stepped onto the mound, I shrieked for about 5 minutes. But Star glanced my way. I screamed when the batter missed the ball. Twice. Then he hit it. The ball headed my way. Suddenly it was in my hand. I waved it proudly. I threw a kiss at Star. Oh! He scowled. The other team cheered – homerun!


This short piece was written as a response to

100 Word Challenge – Week#60 ‘ s   prompt:  

“I’ve decided I’m being far to kind to you so this week I want you to be funny! I want you to write in the genre of comedy. The prompt is:

… suddenly it was in my hand ….

As usual you have 100 words to add to those making 106 all together. The prompt must be in the piece and it should be suitable for a PG certificate.”

This piece was inspired by this little tidbit about a Red Sox fan inadvertently helping out the Yankees to win.  Except that I got the story wrong.  I thought that  catching a ball from the stands meant a strike.  Thanks to my husband for correcting me – instead of Star being a batter, as he was originally in the first draft, he became a pitcher.   So,  I guess, even if the piece did not make you laugh, the behind the scenes – my own blunder and all – would. 😀  And because I learned a new thing, I think it was good I wrote for the prompt.

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Alone, I am where I’ve always hoped to be

on top of the world, where I can see

the little creatures and things under my feet

life could never have been so sweet?

Yet, why is it that I’m in despair

I stretch my hand, touch nothing but air

I long for someone whom I can hold

being here, leaves me out so cold.

Fear creeps into my bones

the only companion I have since known

I want laughter to ring in my ears

I’m tired of the echo of my tears

If I  fall

will I  still be whole?


This post is a response to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups in Julia’s Place.  For this week, the challenge is to write a 100-word response to this picture prompt:

The image is courtesy of JULIA’s PLACE.

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Celso saw the little boy from afar holding his mother’s hands while he munched on the apple on his free hand. Celso’s mouth watered; his stomach growled in anticipation. He hid himself behind a nearby trash bin. Keeping his eyes focused on the child, Celso blew on the plastic bag he was holding and knotted its end tight. When the child got close enough, he smashed the bag. The crash sent the apple flying out of the frightened boy’s hands. As the apple fell, Celso swooped down on it and ran away as fast as he could plunging himself right into the busy road.


This short story was written for JULIA’S PLACE’s

This week’s prompt is the phrase “…as the apple fell…”.

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