AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)

On butterfly wings and chariots pulled by swans fairies gather for an autumn dance How tree limbs creak under the weight of fairies picking leaves to adorn their skirts Dressed in colors they flirt with  the wind graceful and radiant to the very end. “Creak” is the word this week for DVerse Poets’ Pub’s QuadrilleContinue reading “AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)”


My broom dances to Yoyo Ma bowing a Bach prelude Dust and crumb puff and twirl sensing my happy mood With kids asleep, the night is mine the night is mine alone and I will dance and I will sing my broom as microphone Yoyo Ma will fiddle and bow he’ll fiddle all night longContinue reading “A MOTHER’S NIGHT”


  “Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship My senses have been stripped My hands can’t feel to grip My toes too numb to step” ~ from Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan My heart lies in the wasteland shattered into pieces just like the promises my idols used to make IContinue reading “ON THE HEELS OF MR. TAMBOURINE MAN (a Glosa)”


  If I could stand before the world coax music out of reeds not be bothered about the crowd who cares not for the gift I give I am brave If I could handle the scorn that the world inspires within calm down the raging storm let out from my wounds a healing song IContinue reading “MUSIC MAN (for WPC: ADMIRATION)”


SHAMISEN In the corner of a busy street and the public square she strummed her shamisen inviting the harried passerby to live in another time. Who heeds the call of her three-stringed guitar everyone is hurrying after his own star with those few moments in his hand could he even dare spare a second toContinue reading “WPC: COMMUNITY”


I heard it the opening notes of Ode to Joy and I walked, tracing the sound my feet as though growing wings with each step the music lifted me up bit by bit until I lose sense of my ground and my soul floats into the heavens rides the waves of joy and sorrow failureContinue reading “UPON HEARING ODE TO JOY”


There’s a language that speaks to all though only a few command it well an alphabet of eight notes all weighed in a scale needing no words – an infant knows he’s loved by the sound of his mother’s lullaby. Listen to Mancini command the notes with his baton as a wizard wields  his staffContinue reading “MUSIC”

Chopin’s Etude in E Major Opus 10

For FRIZZTEXT’s “E” Challenge,  I am sharing a Chopin Etude, one of my favorite piano pieces.  It is more popularly known as “No Other Love”  popularized by Jo Spafford. I need not say anything to make this piece appealing.  The truth is, I am not qualified to say anything about its merits.  It is enoughContinue reading “Chopin’s Etude in E Major Opus 10”