Black feathers fell from the skies the ground cracked under the weight of the blood-soaked plumes but shoulders only shrugged the feathers were from crows – No one cries for carrion feeders who have neither charm nor song but incantations of dark omens. Shoulders shrugged as dark feathers rained – the skies are blue againContinue reading “THE MURDER OF CROWS”


The gravestone remembers him well resting beneath the ancient tree in the woods by an old farm road that ends in an abandoned lea. He had been there for a long time the gravestone remembers him well, the day when he was laid to rest how tears from broken hearts fell. how many stories couldContinue reading “FORGOTTEN”


  Your scent lingers in the cool winter air Visions of you tame its harsh landscape You will ever live, Oh Roses of October you who bloomed amidst autumn’s chill until the very last when its frosty breath shriveled your petals and made them fall to the ground made fertile by gifts you received andContinue reading “OCTOBER’S ROSES: IN REMEMBRANCE”


I kissed the Moon good night told her everything I needed to say. Who knows when the night will steal my breath away. Has anyone closed her eyes certain to wake to Dawn waiting and opening presents of the new morn? All the love I have should be given right here right now that thereContinue reading “I KISS THE MOON GOODNIGHT (for Poetry Jam)”


Grass swished as Thunder and I walked across the yard. Dew sparkled under the early May morning sun. Thunder dragged me towards the apple and pear orchard and headed for the nearest tree trunk to water. The trees have just started to bloom.  A long harsh winter  delayed spring in Maine. I did not wantContinue reading “MEDITATIONS UNDER AN APPLE TREE (for DVerse)”

TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

You opened that door, too soon, and floated like a butterfly who saw flowers after a long long while. Come back, grace our table once more. Let us raise our tequila glass for what we have become. We’ll drink deep of the life behind and before us. We’ll pucker up at the sour lemon inContinue reading “TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”


I. Dust settled on him, seed under the ground. II. Leaf peeled off the branch, wings spread and took flight. III. Clouds gather up a storm cleansing rain falls. IV. Birdsongs make the air paradise- like. ~~~~ Tilus Poetry, the featured form in tonight’s edition of DVERSE, is a micro poetry form  originated by theContinue reading “TILUS POETRY (for DVERSE)”


Stolid grass watched over the wealth under its care while the winds drove the carefree adventurer away time had abandoned this wilderness as it’s always been a welcoming bosom for the weary of heart and limb trudging the solitary path, he alone could take accompanied by pallid clouds shedding mournful tears to soften the earthContinue reading “RESTING PLACE”