The nice folks at StudioPlus 30, inspired by the new season, gave FALLING as one of the writing prompts for this week.  Meanwhile, Trifecta has BLIND as the  word prompt this week.  The combination of the two prompts inspired me to write something that has not Autumn-y at all.   If you are inspired toContinue reading “FALLING”


I have been meaning to continue the story that began with this post and continued here and here but my family and I  have been mostly in and out this summer that I could not focus on the story.  That I discovered Grimm did not help because I found myself watching its entire season inContinue reading “CAROUSEL – Part 4”


“You must be a writer,” said the email that Imee just received.  “Hmmm, did this, Jack or somebody,  even pay attention to what I wrote?  My  info was  lifted from the Bible.” She thought.   She was not very impressed, to say the least.  However, out of  charity, she typed in a polite response  to Jack.Continue reading “A LOVE STORY”


I am queen of a small realm where words are limited. “Don’t do that!” “Eat your vegetables.” “Please don’t quarrel with your brothers!” “Goo goo, cutie patootie.” Those words are the backbone of my daily repertoire. The motiff hardly varies unless one counts the screams and the sighs. Little children, though capable of understanding aContinue reading “MY REASON FOR BE… OH! BLOGGING”