ORIGIN OF STARS (a Quadrille)

 I saw my fox fish
a star from the sea
How brightly it shone
showing its joy to be free
Then it began to crackle,
crumble into sparks
then flew like fireflies
into the skies so dark
and there they’re still
brightening the night.

This silly poem was inspired by my son’s silly rebus sentence. 🙂  

DVerse Quadrille #19:  Spark



We woke up later than we should. Our room was dark. No sun entered the windows to rouse us from bed. My eyes were heavy. The grey morning was pushing down my lids. But it was after 7 a.m. and I would make us late for Mass if I tarried longer. When I got a hold of my senses, I heard the soft pitter-patter on our window panes and the slosh of puddle as the cars went by. It was raining.

Thirty minutes later, we were cruising down the interstate. While my husband was concentrating on the road, I was looking at the trees by the roadside. How the colors have changed in just a week. While I always appreciated the brilliance of the leaves under a glowing sun, today I appreciated the shadows and the way the reds and oranges complemented the misty grey of the morning.  

rains showered on autumn
turning leaves flooded  the ground
naked trees shiver

My second and more conventional entry for WPC: H2O