I have been meaning to continue the story that began with this post and continued here and here but my family and I  have been mostly in and out this summer that I could not focus on the story.  That I discovered Grimm did not help because I found myself watching its entire season inContinue reading “CAROUSEL – Part 4”


This post continues the story I started for Bloggy Moms and continued in a recent post. THE CAROUSEL – 1 THE CAROUSEL – 2 Thank you for visiting and your comments. 🙂 ___________________________ Abuelo collected a rusty saw hanging from a nail on the wall and went out of the front door where  scraps ofContinue reading “THE CAROUSEL – PART 3”


This post continues THE CAROUSEL.  This is  a response to the challenge posted by SAM for Bloggy Moms Writers’ Workshop for this week – “This week’s prompt is to write what you DON’T know. Add a scene to a work in progress that requires you to do a little research. Write a story from a differentContinue reading “THE CAROUSEL – Part 2”


This piece, a beginning of a story which hopefully, I will be able to continue and finish, was written for Bloggy Moms’ Writers’ Workshop.  The challenge was to  write a response to this picture prompt:  ________________________ Darion straightened up, wiping the sweat pouring down his brow with a grimy arm. He looked up and confirmedContinue reading “THE CAROUSEL”