Darkness Falls in the Woods


The mind is the womb where poems die
making the soul an eternal lamentation
exorcising the scent of death. From the mouth
blooms a song, others may call sweet
though its underbelly harbors a bitter taste.
Hands wave
conjuring art, deconstructed
some would say “it’s grotesque.”
Sooner than soon voices chorus
“who’s to judge?” while pointing at the prodigal tongue
the lynching wand. Tear-obscured bleary eyes
search for truth
and find ten million and some
claiming to be the one. The heart chooses
what will dry the tears and bring a smile
and wonders why
the world is as dark as when it began.


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16 thoughts on “A MEDITATION ON A TRUTH

    1. Thanks, Grace. The first line was something I had in mind for a long time but could not bring to completion. It was a fun exercise adding the weird elements. I think there is a the truth, and we can find it if we look closely and are not afraid to be hurt by what it might be.

  1. we never know how a poem comes to be or fades into oblivion, this was a different one from you Imelda, sans happy verses but still captivating as ever.

    1. ah, this one was a sort of experiment. I have had the first line for weeks now when I was trying to write about my inability to string words together. Of course, that piece did not pan out because I could not string words together. 🙂 🙂 So, the phrase was just something in my head, one I thought would come handy someday and hopefully for one more useful than a self-serving pity-party of a poem. 🙂 The night I made the first draft of this poem, I was inspired by a poetry blog that I just read. Wow! He has a way with words. Here, check his page – https://lancesheridan.com/2018/09/22/medicine/ Then, the weirder the words came out, the more fun I had writing the piece. I did not expect that opening line to lead to something as dark when I first conceived it though. 🙂

      1. yes I have read Lance and his writing does inspire me to think a little differently, the strength of a writer I always admire.

        not too dark Imelda, just a different side of you than what I am used to reading. I think you did well to explore more of who you are and capable of.

        the lines and phrases that seem to appear out of thin air make for very insightful poetry Imelda, like you have dug below your subconscious realm.

        weird words writing happens to me quite often, I love how you composed this!

  2. I didn’t see this coming. Nice surprise from you, Imelda. I like the fluidity and the liberal expressions you experimented with. Markedly different from your usual, yet a truly awesome piece indeed.

    1. Thanks, Colin. I do not know how this piece turned into an exploration of truth when, as I mentioned to Gina, that this piece was initially inspired by my inability to write. I guess the prevailing societal attitudes towards political correctness, fake news, and fluidity of perceptions about facts, opinions, etc. got into me as I wrote. I think I am a little sad that in this day and age, everything seems to be subjective. There are so many ‘truths’ that navigating this modern world is a tad confusing and intimidating.

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