Woman in the Mirror

Once upon a mirror
I asked this question –
“Do I look beautiful?”
Caught off-guard, it replied,
“Is this a trap, dear Matron?”
Still it obliged, showed a face
one with grey head and facial lines
“That could not be me!” I said.
“How can you possibly lie?”
I have plumper lips and rosier cheeks
than the picture you show
My eyes are brighter with well-defined lids
than that woman, if you must know.”
The mirror absorbed my little rant
and bravely  returned my gaze
but beneath my gaze that could melt rocks
my mirror’s resolve
thereby began to crack –
and crumbling, let out a  plaintive sigh
that reflected
all those happy years gone by.

Writing for DVerse Poets’ Pub’s Stock Phrases prompt.

5 thoughts on “WOMAN IN THE MIRROR

  1. Oh this is wonderful! A cracking mirror that sighs….it’s truth cannot be ignored but then….it does show, if we look deeper in, the smile and laugh wrinkles…the body that has given us its best….the hands that have held so many things, people, hopes and dreams. Mirrors, unlike photos, allow for moving growing images…images that can shift in a second and continue till they leave the “sphere” of the mirror’s space and then can come back again with a tad of blusher on one’s cheek. A photo locks us….locks loved ones….no growth….stuck there. I’ll take the mirror and be thankful for every day!
    ENJOYED this post a lot!

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