Mist blankets the sleeping river like the veil to a bride that shelters her mystery against vulgar eyes. River wakes and yields her shadows to the light breaking through her still waters to draw out the beauty within. Colors burst above and below. Reflections multiply the glow of an autumn day while the river sighs.Continue reading “AUTUMN RIVER”


Still I wait For magic to come Knowing not What it is I wonder if it has passed. Was I blind? Dappled light Filters through the leaves Shimmering Long shadows Stretch the trees, shorten the days. Isn’t that magic? Wind carries The song of laughter Echoing Counterpoint To the disquiet within. It falls on deafContinue reading “LOOKING FOR MAGIC”


Weary feet Plod on grassy paths Oblivious Of the world they have seen so many times Jaded, their spring dies Wild Lily Flirting with the breeze Captivates Tepid eyes Drink deeply of loveliness And sighs at such bliss.   These flowers are Turk’s Cap Lilies that I found growing in Sweets Knoll State Park, Dighton,Continue reading “SATISFACTION”