I live in the upside down-
where going up is going down

Cacophony is music
and ordered notes a blow to forbearance.

The mouth walks the man
with swagger impressing
the untrained eye.

Instinct is blood fueling life
follow the happy course
but Reason kills the man.

Self is king of a windowless room
perched on the edge
of a glass with no bottom.

On the streets is truth,
a warrior, battered and left for dead.
A snake wears Charity’s clothes
a broken butterfly on its lapel,
there is Hope.

Flowers are plucked before they’re born
No sense in having them in the world
But who will mourn their death
Mothers line their wombs with thorns.

The timeless has no meaning
nor place in a world of now –
Hands chase the present and reap the wind.


V.J. Knutson’s Prompt:Β  Upside Down

Feel free to add your responses to the prompt and check out the other offerings.Β  Thanks. πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “UPSIDE DOWN

  1. Oh my! The richness of imagery – so inspired! I have lived in that “cacophony” where “ordered notes a blow to forbearance.” Absolutely love:
    Self is king of a windowless room
    perched on the edge
    of a glass with no bottom.

    That said, every stanza pops.

  2. I feel your sadness in this. And I fear, as things go these days, freedom, or a free culture, that bounds to serve selfish notions is just another form of bondage.

    1. Thanks, Colin. πŸ™‚ I agree with your observation completely. The so called free culture, or should we say ‘anything-goes-culture’ trades one kind of bondage for another without even knowing it.

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