Soldier on, weary soul who knows what you’ll find around the bend – hope for broken hearts rest for your aching  limbs. Then walk on once more with new resolve until your exile is done and you are once again in your eternal home. ~~~~ One autumn day, I chanced upon our neighbors moving theContinue reading “WPC: UNEXPECTED”


Love is not for the faint of heart not for one scared to be a part of existence beyond one’s own self ruling as kings on their throne Lovers ought to know from the start love is not for the faint of heart not for the one afraid of pain and so shields his heartContinue reading “LOVE IS NOT”


Layers of petals yield beauty as rose …. of notes yield beauty as music ….of leaves  yield beauty as written words.   This last photo here is included upon the request of my sons who enjoyed the image that the folded pages made – eyes, big eyes. :-0 Thank you for coming by.  For moreContinue reading “WPC: LAYERS”


No. Let’s not talk about what used to be your marriage, and how it had gone under the weight of Her affairs, based on whispers just for your ears. They are all that you see. Please stop talking about His ill temper or his jealous nature. They are quite clear to everyone who has beenContinue reading “BROKEN”


Oh, those hours I spent taming the wild strings of the violin the horsehair I caressed and coaxed to produce the sweetest melody that haunted my dreams yes, those times when my soul floated with the tearful notes of my fiddling music absorbing my being rising to the heavens as of angels praising music voiceContinue reading “THE LOST VIOLIN”