Tap. He jumped into the moonlight. She was no echo of a dream, a gust of wind he couldn’t help imagining. Tap. Tap. He pushed aside the curtain – From the moonlit lawn wind blown hair wave at him. He let out his breath “Come down,” She was signaling – she would sneakContinue reading “MOONLIGHT TRYST ( A Found Poem)”


How dark is the darkness that takes away sense and memories of light? How dark is the darkness that devours what was what is, what will be? How dark is the darkness that locks one in despair and throws out the key? How dark is the darkness that tricks the mind to see escape throughContinue reading “DARKNESS”

WORDS (A Retourne for Jill’s September Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry)

Words, once set free, blend in the wind breathing a timeless existence; Some grow wings to fly to heaven They ask gifts for the gentle tongue Breathing a timeless existence, words illuminate our soul Memories do falter in time consequences of words live on.   ************************ When I was thinking of a challenge to postContinue reading “WORDS (A Retourne for Jill’s September Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry)”

BLISS (A Quadrille)

There is bliss in the little things of everyday In the unbroken rhythm of sunsets and sunrises of heartbeats and breath. My heart lifts with the sigh of a tranquil sea. I close my eyes and savor the warmth your hands give to mine. It is quadrille Monday at DVerse and Bjorn invites us toContinue reading “BLISS (A Quadrille)”


No sad sighs, no footfalls stir the silence of their resting place tucked in a forest, in the shade of sheltering evergreens. Their weathered tombstones lean under the stress of remembering through the passing years the memories carved on their moss-stained faces. For them, no one’s been left to shed some tears or be movedContinue reading “FORGOTTEN”


Temptation is an onyx raven plaguing the defenses of my soul pecking, clawing, it circles around me as if it smells carrion within this forest of innocence my refuge and protection It cracks my shield and darkness filters through My bones are bruised My soul is limp but I have not sinned while I resist.Continue reading “TEMPTATION”


A Lesson from St. Mary Magdalene  When Love finds you grab His hands and do not let go When Love finds you empty yourself, love will renew your soul, shining with heaven’s glow, Into Calvary will follow When Love finds you. ~~~ A poem written to remember my patron saint on her feast day, JulyContinue reading “WHEN LOVE FINDS YOU”


  Emptiness lurks behind the dark windows watching the road for one to relieve its fate that fills the weathered walls and hangs over its head with an air of decay. There was a time when it was not when the now abandoned rooms rang with laughter and songs when the floorboards shook with theContinue reading “THROUGH A WINDOW”


Build a home Layer by layer First of love Then prayer Make the pillar strong Roof stable To shelter Offspring to love born Helpless souls blessing home With graces untold Years go by Fledglings fly In the empty nest Life goes on.   WPC:  DELTA  


  She smiled at me when the world was bearing me down she smiled at me when my soul was dark and weary. I was a stranger with the frown. Though I was not a joy to see she smiled at me. ~~~~ This is my story from a long time ago. The little girl,Continue reading “TO THE LITTLE GIRL WHO SMILED AT ME”