Love comes softly like a leaf in the wind Have you the time to linger and listen to the whisperings of a heart, waking to the beauty it once only imagined? Have you the time to linger and listen In the simplest gestures, love is speaking. To the beauty it once only imagined, the soulContinue reading “LOVE COMES SOFTLY”

AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)

The Queen comes on the wings of a summer’s day unheard, unseen, she marches to her throne yet the breeze pays homage to her regal steps with kisses tempering the sun’s fiery glow. Sprites wake from their slumber and spray the woods with rubies and gold while fruits ripen and perfume the air with aContinue reading “AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)”


The streets of Montreal, especially the Old Port area, teem with masterpieces: buildings, parks, gardens, even  cobbled streets. They are fascinating and beautiful. Equally fascinating, and perhaps even more so, were the works of art that unfolded right before the  eyes.  I guess it is because the audience became a part of the creative processContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: MASTERPIECE”