I was told – everyone has a perfect match somewhere like a pot with a missing lid I just had to wait for my match to be found years and years I waited still he did not come I was told – be the best you can be perfect for the one you’re looking forContinue reading “PERFECT MATCH”


This rose has been too long in the sun Her edges are getting dry Gone are her petals’ velvety shine in its stead are the unsightly lines that no doubt say she’s past her prime. Her thorns get sharper as they wither Her fragrance betrays the odor of decay Will she remain the treasured flowerContinue reading “WILL YOU?”

A TRYST (for DVerse Poets)

  The children are all abed, now we can have our moment. Make your dirty Martini make sure you have a Margarita for me. Let’s meet each other in the living room couch and cuddle as newlyweds do. I’ll put up my feet right next to yours on the battered coffee table and rest myContinue reading “A TRYST (for DVerse Poets)”


The Weekly Photo Challenge is challenging the community to post about TREASURES. Meanwhile, DVERSE POETS PUB’s Poetics challenges the group to write a short and not-so-sweet love poetry that does not use common love languages. On the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary, I am responding to both prompts with memories of that beautiful dayContinue reading “WPC: TREASURES”


Love is not for the faint of heart not for one scared to be a part of existence beyond one’s own self ruling as kings on their throne Lovers ought to know from the start love is not for the faint of heart not for the one afraid of pain and so shields his heartContinue reading “LOVE IS NOT”


The other side of the bed is a rich place holding all I wished for in life a kind heart, loving arms, and a pillar of strength There’s no bad day that I turn to that side and won’t find solace or a good day that I look its way and won’t find the dayContinue reading “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED”


No. Let’s not talk about what used to be your marriage, and how it had gone under the weight of Her affairs, based on whispers just for your ears. They are all that you see. Please stop talking about His ill temper or his jealous nature. They are quite clear to everyone who has beenContinue reading “BROKEN”