You have lost the vibrance of your huesYour blushing pink, sweet lavender, or sky blueHave long faded into sage green leavingFaint traces of what you once wereHinting of what will be. Veins on your petals writeAll the summer days and all the stormy daysThat deepened your roots. You have changedYou are changingYet in this worldContinue reading “TO A HYDRANGEA PAST ITS PRIME”

LOVELINESS (for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54-Detail)

Petals pool on the ground Time is passing by Flowers droop, one last bow But the dragonfly wings glisten And the sunfish flit in the pond The ugly duckling is becoming a swan Fireflies light the summer nights And tomorrow, dew will bathe the dawning skies. Loveliness happens Even as flowers die.   Last week,Continue reading “LOVELINESS (for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54-Detail)”


Show me your love not with a crown of roses or a bowl of carnations which soon become food for worms once their fragrance dies. Neither give me promises of galaxies and garnets and diamonds. I am no queen and have no use for such treasures that I would have to check in at death’sContinue reading “THE PROOF I WANT”


Perhaps, the sunflower knows the secret to happiness. How else could she remain cheerful on cloudy days? Look at how she stands tall through those dark nights and rain always joyful, always hopeful the sun will come out again. What sunflower magic keeps her head unbowed? Could it be that she lives for one who’sContinue reading “SUNFLOWER MAGIC”


My words refuse to be written or said. They disappear as soon as I try to trap them on paper. I cry that I have no poem to capture the beauty, both seen and unseen. Then I saw the flowers  blooming and  I knew where  words have been  nestling. I am sad to learn thatContinue reading “FLOWERS ARE POEMS”


  Spring banners unfurled flaunting beauty undefiled Delicate petals of every hue speaks of joy, ever true – the  bleakness of winter nurtures grace beyond measure.   I do not think I will ever tire of looking at flowers and taking their pictures. I have quite a lot of photos after months of seeing onlyContinue reading “SPRING FLOWERS”


The fragrance of innocence wafts in the air like the song of songbirds on a morning wrapped in spring’s dew-kissed glow. What beautiful flower is the face of innocence softer than velvet are its petals making angelic the hands they kiss. The joy of innocence soars to the heavens like a dove flying home. EverContinue reading “ODE TO INNOCENCE”