My little sailboat floundersIn a sea of whispersHas it forgotten its courseAmidst so many voicesSaying go north, or south, or east, or west?My little sailboat spinsIn the currents. Is there hope for my sailboatEnsorcelled as it isBy sweet-voiced sirensHarboring evil schemes? Alas! Not the pull of the moonNor the push of the windsCould set myContinue reading “SAILBOAT”


Summers are made of these – butterflies frolicking in the sun zucchini growing on the ground barefoot children playing in the yard swooping on brambles like hungry birds grabbing berries with eager hands popsicles dripping on sweaty chin children dancing under the summer rain Written for DVERSE POETS’ Quadrille prompt: Bramble


Daisies bobbing in the meadows warblers swaying in the reeds kites soaring to the heavens sunshine pouring on the fields set up the summer stage and spirits dancing with the wind. Crickets chirping on the grass leaves rustling in the breeze birdsongs wafting from the treetops river gurgling as it streams play a summer symphonyContinue reading “SUMMER”


The sweetness of summer dripped from my chin Juicy mangoes with their golden skin whose fragrance coated the humid air what temptation for a child to bear plump fruits dangling from a neighbor’s tree so worth the neighbor’s chase and my scraped knee.   ~~~~ Summer will always remind me of mangoes whose golden flavorContinue reading “SUMMER TREAT”


Old Queen Anne is closing her doors ball season is almost over Her tutu of faded flowers Sheds petals whenever she twirls The meadow wears a sombre hue Old Queen Anne is closing her doors Pouting at an insistent bee slurping the last bits of nectar. How the reeds pipe a mournful air For guestsContinue reading “END OF SUMMER”


The song of summer rises With the waves rolling by Ascending and descending As seagulls flying high The wind whistles the tune Floating from sea to shore And lays it down gently At a sandcastle’s door Staccato laughter skip In the electric air Playing the symphony Of a day, blessed and fair. Frank challenges theContinue reading “SUMMER SONG”


Plump Balloon flower buds ready to become stars glowing purple in the garden. Their dream stood no chance against eager little hands squeezing the pop out of the blossoms. Perhaps, it is not the flowers but the exploding giggles that are the real treasure.   ~~~~ My children look forward to Balloon Flowers.  They justContinue reading “BALLOON FLOWERS”

SUMMER (A Haibun)

My children run barefoot on the grass, their skin aglow from the sultry heat. Yelling and screaming, they chase each other, and when they tire, they turn on the faucet and spray each other with water from the hose. The driveway glistens, the grass soaks up the run-off water, and the roses drink of theContinue reading “SUMMER (A Haibun)”