Days fold into each other – amorphous monotony beats within walls. I am the hands of a tuneless clock constantly moving in circles. The outside world is as far as an arm stretched out of the window, so within reach, so out of reach isolation crescendoes – the skies are overcast and grey spring flowersContinue reading “ISOLATION”


I sleep between snowdrops And bathe myself in morning dew I clothe myself with hyacinth And dance beneath a sky so blue. I delight in a robin’s song While in dainty Daffodil’s shade I gather Cherry Blossoms in my breast Before their colors begin to fade. I flit from flower to flower On the softContinue reading “SPRING FAIRY”


  Spring banners unfurled flaunting beauty undefiled Delicate petals of every hue speaks of joy, ever true – the  bleakness of winter nurtures grace beyond measure.   I do not think I will ever tire of looking at flowers and taking their pictures. I have quite a lot of photos after months of seeing onlyContinue reading “SPRING FLOWERS”


The woods wake. Sounds betray its secrets. Rustling leaves make one start – could it be snakes or chipmunks?   The wind teases the trees, still budding. Birds warble from the treetops. If I could only linger.   Footfalls echo on the sylvan grounds. The whisper of butterflies on air held all spellbound. The photosContinue reading “THE SOUNDS OF SPRING”