She is a spider weaving lace out of delicate threads. She made love a coverlet, the envy of queens. She did not think twice when betrayed by her prince to unravel the sullied beauty and start again. The poem was inspired by this spider and my long standing crochet project.  🙂 I have been betrayedContinue reading “SPIDER”


POISON IVY (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bark or Leaves)

Some kisses are best lost in the wind Some embraces are best not received What delights the eyes can be poison to the soul Not having all that is desired may be the best gift of all. ~~~~ I thought that this shot of the sunset-lit Poison Ivy climbing a Maple tree is appropriate forContinue reading “POISON IVY (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bark or Leaves)”

AUTUMN SNOW (for WPC: Descent 2)

Winter came in November the first snowfall was pristine falling fast like soggy puffs heavy with unfulfilled dreams. How the children squealed with delight and ran outdoors with open arms to catch the falling flakes with an expectant tongue. I watched from the window how the children danced while my heart retreated from the swirlingContinue reading “AUTUMN SNOW (for WPC: Descent 2)”


A hummingbird suspended in the air a baby cardinal learning to fly a robin eggshell lying on the ground a pair of bluejays taking to the sky a flock of sparrows tearing from their bush brightened my quiet uneventful days then there are the roses that bloomed anew filling October with their fragrant bouquet JustContinue reading “AUTUMN’S GIFT”


Apples and roses incense the earth. Their fragrance infuse the breeze rising from the Creator’s hands. Blessed be Summer and her fecund womb that sustains body and soul. Blessed be Autumn and her solitude that gathers and nurtures the weary and lost. Who dares stop the world, disrupt its rhythm that only its happy danceContinue reading “BENEDICTION”


Morning is beautiful not for the sun lighting up the grey sky nor for the dew glittering like diamonds on gossamer gowns It is beautiful not for the songs that break the silence of the night accompanied by the beats of wings raring to take flight No. Even when there are no such delights MorningContinue reading “MORNING IS BEAUTIFUL”

OLD RED TRAIN STATION (for WPC: Endurance and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings)

I shuttered time inside my walls sealed my memories in a vacuum that they remain pure, unadulterated by the fetid air that swirls and erases everything that was then rewrites its story. How long could I stand the tides that weather my bones? Oblivion knocks on my door. The world shifts ever away from myContinue reading “OLD RED TRAIN STATION (for WPC: Endurance and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings)”


Autumn comes bearing a gift wrapped in velvet reds and fiery gold infused with Summer’s flavors. What a vision to behold this masquerade for his chilly airs that secretes decay’s odor. How soon the party ends the music shatters friends leave shadows reign and silence waits While Autumn does its work the heart hopes forContinue reading “AUTUMN BEARS A GIFT”