I dare not breathe lest I disturb the fragile silence cradling the whisper of butterfly wings and the caress of breeze on the water. I tread gently lest I break the silence that lets the squirrels out of their nest to play in the woods or a deer to linger at the forest’s edge. IContinue reading “IN THE WOODS”


There’s the stillness of the river when no wind blows and the stillness of a river knowing how deep its water goes There’s the stillness of the night when the world is at rest and the stillness of dawn just before daylight breaks There’s the stillness of a hunter just before he attacks and theContinue reading “STILLNESS”


  Roaring Atlantic hammers against ancient rocks splintering like glass Enduring rocks stand holding back the raging sea sculpture in progress Hungry seagulls scream above the roiling waters swooping down for crumbs earth, water, and air playing nature’s symphony tourists stand in awe For  Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads’ Weekend Mini Challenge:  At the SeasideContinue reading “ACADIA IMPRESSIONS”


  BRIDGE Because love suffocates behind closed walls, it dares bare its very soul and brave heartaches so love can bridge the barriers fear built among hearts and bring healing Grace to all. ***** The poem is a pleiades, essentially a poem with seven lines that begins with the same letter and  with six syllablesContinue reading “AN OLD COUNTRY FOOTBRIDGE”


It is a kiss like no other – heartfelt tender – that began when your eyes lit up when you saw mine across the room and you came to me as though you’re drowning in need of air. Your lips met mine like a butterfly landing on a flower. No words capture the spell bindingContinue reading “A KISS IN THE SNOW”


I used to be very scared of cemeteries. When I was much younger, I would shut my eyes tight whenever I passed by the cemetery in our village. Unlike American cemeteries where coffins are lowered about 6 feet under the ground, in traditional Philippine cemeteries like the one we had in our barrio, coffins areContinue reading “EERIE CEMETERY”


The belles are swinging in the meadow their ruffled skirts are flying up high The hornets are stealing their sweetness and butterflies let out an envious sigh Come, come watch the spectacle it doesn’t last all summer long Be there in the early days of August when the sun is bright and strong All too soonContinue reading “MEADOW BELL(E)S (WPC: Rare)”


I rarely go walking. I find it burdensome to walk around town with children in tow. Half the time, I am dodging traffic and the other half, keeping rowdy children safe. There is no time to stop and enjoy the scenery, if there is any. I cannot walk at my own pace. But we areContinue reading “MORNING WALK IN THE WOODS (WPC: Morning)”


 I am a bluet a cross is my flower I am of low stature I have no fragrance, nor showy color simplicity is my gift a cross is my flower I am Bluet I am beautiful. I am fascinated by these little flowers that I am taking a lot of pictures of them (while theyContinue reading “BLUETS”

JUMP! (For WPC: Adventure)

In early June of this year, Dover-Foxcroft, ME held its first Balloon Festival. My family went to the fairgrounds for a day of fun. There were train rides and pony rides for children, a gigantic balloon being inflated, an Owl presentation, helicopter rides, among others. One of the highlight of the day was sky diving.Continue reading “JUMP! (For WPC: Adventure)”