If only  I could gather words as one would flowers I would inscribe into these pages spells and enchantments  my pen stops  in mid-air, bowing to beauty greater than its words.   The above poem is an attempt at writing a Sijo poem, a poetic form of Korean origins. According to Poetry Foundation, aContinue reading “SALUTE TO BEAUTY”


 I am a bluet a cross is my flower I am of low stature I have no fragrance, nor showy color simplicity is my gift a cross is my flower I am Bluet I am beautiful. I am fascinated by these little flowers that I am taking a lot of pictures of them (while theyContinue reading “BLUETS”


Bluets sweeten our spring visit to Maine.   It is always a delight to see the little white clumps of flowers amidst the sea of green.  It is amazing that though very little, they still manage to stand out and be noticed.  When I stoop down low to take a close look and snap someContinue reading “WPC: SPARE”


White Bluets in bloom sprinkling of stars on the grass compels one to kneel.   Delicate blossoms standing as one in the wild cannot be ignored. Take care where you step fairies feast in the castles right under your feet. The long winter delayed spring in Maine.  The spring flowers are just starting to bloomContinue reading “RHAPSODY IN BLUE(TS)”