I heard it
the opening notes of Ode to Joy
and I walked, tracing the sound
my feet as though growing wings with each step
the music lifted me up
bit by bit
until I lose sense of my ground
and my soul floats into the heavens
rides the waves of joy
and sorrow
and triumph
the music embraced me
flowed through me
Through its beat
I saw
life’s possibilities
There I stayed
among the stars
until  the applause
and rolling drums
called me back
to where I should be –
in that place of grit,
my reality.



I thought that this version of Ode to Joy is especially charming because of its ‘spontaneity” and because of the element of surprise.  I especially marvel at the crowd’s reaction.  Their  expressions show the faces of those who witness magic.  My only regret with this piece is that it  is shorter than what it should be.  But it is exquisitely beautiful nonetheless.

I hope that this brought you wonder and magic just as it gave me when I first saw this video. 🙂  Happy Monday.

10 thoughts on “UPON HEARING ODE TO JOY

  1. This has always been one of my all-time favorites, and this video is spectacular. I’m right up there with the kid on the light pole, with tears streaming down my face. Your words are so appropriate to this music, Imelda. Excellent.

  2. Lovely video, especially all the human reactions. Your poem captures my own experience when I first watched the video. Tears of joy. Regards Peet

    1. Thanks, Peet. 🙂 I think the human reactions (apart from the beauty of the music itself) were the ones that made this video very special. The wonder etched in the audience’s face is infectious.

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